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10 Ways Girls Say 'I Love You' Without Saying A Word

Ladies, we may not want to admit it, but we can sometimes be cryptic creatures! We might not always say those three little words, but there are certain actions that convey the same meaning. From constant cuddles to sharing your food, if you do these things, you must really love them!

Sometimes you don’t have to say the actual words to say ‘I love you’... Expressing your feelings and telling someone that you are in love with them can be a tough task for some of you out there, but the good news is, actions speak way louder than words. If you are dating someone but you are too shy to let them know how you really feel, here are ways you can express your love for them.

You really love him if…

Letting someone know you are in love with them doesn't always have to be done with words, it can also be made clear with your actions. Here’s 10 alternative ways that girls can express their feelings for a guy.

Your girlfriends approve of him

This is the ultimate sign of love. If the girls like him, he’s a keeper!

You laugh at their bad jokes

When a girl laughs at even the worst of their jokes, she must really love him!

You forgive his mistakes

Girls can really hold grudges, so you know you love him when you can easily forgive his mistakes.

You share your food with him

This is serious business, right ladies? Every time you let him have a bite of your food, it's like saying ‘I love you’…

You call or text him for no reason

Those little calls out of the blue asking how his day is going or a text goodnight are surefire ways to say that you love him.

You let out your inner child

Do you find yourself being playful and silly like a child around him? Well, it must be love!

You hang out with his guy friends

You know how much his friends mean to him, so you show him you love him by having a beer or watching the game with the guys. And you honestly enjoy it!

You surprise them

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like coming home with his favorite Chinese takeout, or picking up a shirt you saw that you know will suit him.

You’re honest about your opinions

Only when you really love a guy will you tell them what you really think about their new hair cut…after all, you just genuinely care about them!

You always want affection

There’s no need to say ‘I love you’ when your constant cuddles and kisses say the same thing!


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