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6 Accurate Reasons Why Being A Girl Is Awesome

International Girls Day only occurs once a year, but for us that isn't enough, we think females deserved to be celebrated every day! Sorry boys, but this one is for us, your time will come soon, we promise! We all agree that being a girl is awesome, but why exactly? Great communication skills and a longer life expectancy are just two of the reasons why! Find out the rest here!

Being female is obviously awesome and we're sure you would all agree that it isn’t celebrated enough, but don't worry, we're here to remind you just why you rock! Females have come a long way in a short period of time, we have won the right to vote, to work and have even assured equal rights for the most part. Of course there is more work to be done, but that won’t stop us being proud of our gender and celebrating it!

6 Reasons being a girl is awesome!

We think it's about time we celebrated females and their truly awesome achievements. For all the wonderful women out there, this one is for you! Want to be even prouder of womankind? Check out the 10 most inspiring quotes from strong feminists and let's celebrate women together!

Keep all these reasons in mind fellow females and boys rest assured, we think you are awesome too!

1) Amazing communicators

Females have excellent communication skills. Yes we may have a reputation for being chatterboxes, but we simply can’t help it, we are just great at talking and therefore need to show off our talents! Studies have even backed up this theory and have concluded that women have a very high command of language.

2) Stellar leadership skills

Females make better leaders. Yes they do! Females are great multi-taskers and make balancing their personal lives and careers and in some cases their families, effortless! Hats off to all the females who manage to run a tight ship!

3) Long live women!

Life expectancy! It’s true, studies have confirmed that women live on average seven years longer than men! That’s seven years more of memories, fun, adventure and much more! It sure is great to be female!

4) True fashionistas

One word, FASHION! Us girls can pull anything off and we aren’t just limited to a few items of clothing and trust us, we’ll give anything a try once! Being female means we can try out loads of different looks and styles! We are total style chameleons!

5) Emotionally intelligent

We don’t have to act tough! Yep, you read it right, being a female means you can express the emotions you feel without having to worry about being perceived as tough! So crying because you have seen a sad movie is sort of acceptable!

6) Awesome history

Proud history. History has been marked by brave heroines who have made lots of sacrifices to get us to this very point today. Think of Rosa Parks for example, the very lady who brought about equal rights for African Americans or even Anne Frank!

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