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Ten Tips To Get Confident

Does the thought of going to a party where you know no one work you into a frenzy? You don’t trust yourself with responsibility at work? If the answers to these questions are yes, you lack confidence in yourself! Read our top 10 tips for how to regain that confidence and let the real you shine through!

A recent survey has shown that lacking confidence in yourself is a common problem in today’s society. Of the 1000 people who took the survey, 68% doubt their intelligence, 69% struggle to express themselves and 54% have accepted that they don’t like the way they look. Having confidence in yourself is so important… So why are so many people struggling? 

10 Top Tips to being self-confident

Confidence allows you to flirt, to chat to people and to have faith in your own abilities. Having confidence in yourself is therefore the key to success. Without confidence you’ll watch life pass you by and you miss out on opportunities, follow our advice to make sure you become more confident!

1 - Eye contact

You find yourself looking at your feet more than the person you’re talking to but don't forget, eye contact is the base of all communication! If what you’re saying is important, you’re body language is equally as necessary! If you drop eye contact when you’re talking with someone they may lose interest in what you’re saying, this is particularly important in the workplace.

2- Engage in conversation

You’ve no doubt heard of the phrase, “practice makes perfect”… Well this proverb can be applied to having confidence in yourself as well! From time to time go out of your way to engage in a conversation with someone new. Start with a simple “hello” and then ask about the weather, current events, holidays… ask questions and see what happens! The more you force yourself to start conversations, the more natural it'll become!

3- Take up a hobby

To get self-confidence, what better way than engaging in an activity in which you excel! Choose something that you enjoy and that you know you’re good at. Had a bad day at work? Oh well, it’s not a problem because you’re going to have a lovely evening doing something you’re great at.

4 - Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses

Having confidence in yourself is about knowing what you want. If repetitive tasks get you down then maybe you need to think about having more challenging and interesting tasks in your life. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses and you’ll understand more what causes you to feel unhappy and insecure.

5 - Stop comparing yourself to others

 “She’s skinnier than me!” “He’s better at sport than me”… This must stop! Thinking in this way will only damage your self-confidence and make you lose appreciation of things you’re good at!

6 - State your opinions

Not standing up for yourself and conforming to the opinions of others is not good for your ego. Give others around you a shock by showing them that you can speak for yourself! Dare to state your opinions, tell everyone what you want! You’ll be surprised by the positive reaction from your friends.

7 - You're the best!

Think positive! “I’m the best!” and “Of course I can do this”… You may not believe in the force of self-persuasion but why not try it and see what happens! Motivate yourself like an athlete before a big event – if you tell yourself you can do this enough times, it’ll start to become true!

8 - Go out of your comfort zone

To have confidence in yourself you need to trust that you can cope with the highs and lows of life. If you drive to work every day, why not try taking the bus! Consider changing your supermarket – these little changes to routine keep you getting stuck in a rut, and maybe you’ll feel confident enough to one day make bug changes, for example moving house or country!

9 - Get rid of our demons

That little voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough? Banish it! Every time this voice of doubt rises up, shout that you can do this and work hard to get rid of those negative thoughts! Once you do this enough, you’ll stop hearing it at all.

10 - Positive attitude

Sometimes, all it takes is a positive attitude. Try and find a middle ground between being very in-your-face and talking so softly no one can hear. Try and stick to an assured tone, a regular rhythm and clear vocabulary. You’ll find it easier to express yourself in a positive way.

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