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After Letting Go of My Control, Now I’m a Fun Mom

The Mom of the year award goes to our wild-haired, carefree editorial writer Samantha. She told us about she how she didn't become boring when she had a kid- far from it! Find out her secret now!

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First time Mom syndrome

When I had my first child, I was uptight about following exactly what the What to Expect books advised. If my baby cried, I immediately ran to her crib to pick her up. If I didn’t get sleep for the first four years, I told myself I’d be fine.

But any Mom can tell you that it’s easy to forget yourself when you have kids.

Sometimes I would go days without showering or I would end up eating the leftovers off my child’s plate when I was too tired to make an adult meal. My sweet husband did give me time to myself when he saw that I was dragging my feet to stay awake, but I refused to fail.

Being a first time Mom, I felt like I had so much to prove, mainly to myself, but also to all the other more experienced Moms I knew.

Realizing that I have needs too

Even though I tried to play Supermom and wasn’t half-bad at being on time, packing lunch the night before, and keeping the house in a presentable state, I realized that I missed parts of not being a parent.

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every second of seeing my child grow. She is the light of my life. But I want to go out without a baby bag, wearing an old t-shirt, and I want to feel like a social woman again.

This is how I juggle it all

Whether or not it was the practical decision for my tight budget, I hired a babysitter. Watching my child kick and scream when I got ready to walk out the door was heartbreaking, but not the end of the world.

My daughter didn’t understand that her Mom needed to leave the house for a while for her sanity. I didn’t blame her, because at first, I called the babysitter practically every hour. Eventually, the outside world appeared more and more thrilling…

I was having the best time of my life going to the bookstore, stopping off at Starbucks for a muffin, and meeting my old friends without children for drinks.

If I have any word of advice for other women experiencing the First Time Mom Syndrome, I would say that you need to stop trying to fit into a mold and figure out how to take care of yourself as well. Go out and have some fun!

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First time Mom syndrome

The Mom of the Year award goes to our wild-haired, carefree editorial writer Samantha. Read her story here.

Realizing that I have needs too

The Mom of the Year award goes to our wild-haired, carefree editorial writer Samantha. Read her story here.

Hire a babysitter

The Mom of the Year award goes to our wild-haired, carefree editorial writer Samantha. Read her story here.

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