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French Men: 12 Parisian Guys Reveal Their Best Dating Tips For Women

French guys and in particular Parisians have a reputation for being amazing lovers and totally charming daters, but what dating tips for women do they suggest? Dating can be tricky business, which is why we’ve turned to the ultimate dating experts and the best international lovers; French men. Here’s what French men want women to know about dating, and trust us their dating tips will make you a success!

French men have long been considered as the most successful dating gurus of the world, which means their dating tips are second to none! With their chic personalities and natural elegance, Parisian guys can teach us a lot when it comes to being successful in the love department.

The best dating tips for women as told by French men

French men don’t have a reputation for being the most suave and successful lovers for nothing! According to French men there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to dating, so without further ado, let’s check them out.

Let us chase you

‘We love the thrill of the chase, the initial pursuit and challenge is really exciting and even more so when the girl we are interested in puts up a fight and leaves us hanging.’ - Gabriel, 32.

Accept things moving fast

‘When we are into someone and really like them, hanging around is out of the question. When there is something we want, we just go for it and really don’t hold back, so if it feels right, things could move really quickly’. - Raphael, 36.

Be honest about your feelings

‘Not being on the same page as our potential future partner is our worst nightmare. When feelings are ambiguous it really stalls us and leaves us confused and feeling a little lost. Being open with your feelings will really make us feel secure.’ - Paul, 40.

Be emotionally available

‘Dating someone who is emotionally unavailable isn’t very reassuring for us; we need to know that your heart is in this relationship and that you are ready to invest your feelings.’ - Louis, 33.

Know your boundaries

‘If ever you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, we want you to be able to talk to us about your feelings and boundaries. We want to be there for you in all circumstances and for that to be possible we really do need to know what your views are.’ - Oscar, 31.

Have fun

‘We love girls who can let loose, laugh and have fun! Dating a carefree person is a definite breath of fresh air; the truth is we find cheerful people irresistible’. - Simon, 37.

Teach me something

‘Being with a girl who has a variety of interests that she is passionate about is really sexy, especially when she decides to teach us things’. - Nathan, 41.

Be open to meeting friends and family quickly

‘Friends and family are big parts of our lives, so don’t be surprised if we introduce you to them quickly. If we do introduce to our friends and family quickly, it means we really like you’. - Axel, 35.

Be natural

‘We love girls who aren’t afraid to be themselves and who don’t care about being judged by other people. Just being you is one of the most beautiful things.’ - Enzo, 34.

Don’t be nervous

‘We may move fast, but don’t get too ahead of yourself a first date won’t end in a marriage proposal, so there really is no need to worry.’ - Baptiste, 42.

Don’t compare me

‘We have a reputation for being confident but that’s not always the case. Being compared to one of your ex partners is a huge red flag for me and will make me think you’re not emotionally available.’ - Theo, 39.

Be willing to try new things

‘Dating is supposed to be fun and about experiencing new things with someone you really like. If you are willing to try new things our bond will become stronger and so will the attraction between us’. - Elliot, 35.

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