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Men vs Women: 20 First Date Thoughts As Told By Men And Women

As the saying goes, women are from Venus and men are from Mars, but how differently do they act and think on a first date? A first date is supposed to be super exciting, but we can’t always escape the nerves and forget about the pressure to impress. What thoughts are running through their men and women's heads on a first rendezvous?

Men and women are engineered totally differently, which means the way they think in any given situation is also completely distinct, especially regarding dating. When it comes to dating, the only thing men and women have in common is the fact they both find first dates really nerve-racking.

First date thoughts

Men and women have different dating preoccupations, so discover just how different they really are when on a first date with someone they really like. Who overanalyzes the most? Who puts most emphasis on attraction? Men or women? Check out what runs through men and women's heads on a first date.

Ladies first!

Let’s check out what thoughts run through women’s heads on a first date.

Outfit crisis

I knew I should have gone for the black dress and the red bag! Okay, so this first thought is hardly surprising, us girls are always worried about a fashion disaster.

Facebook stalking

Has he been Facebook stalking my page? What if he’s seen me looking a little hungover? Or what if he doesn’t think I look as cute in real life?

Shaving drama

Why didn’t I shave my legs or just put some tights on?

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Matching lingerie

OMG! My underwear doesn’t match!

Remember to breathe

I’m so excited, I’m like a kid in a candy store. I need to relax.

Come across as smart

Remember to talk about the books I’ve read recently and current events. Oooh, currents events are good!

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Know your limits

Don’t drink too much. Don’t drink too much. Don’t drink too much. But how?! I’m so nervous!

Let him talk

I can be a real chatty Cathy, especially if there are awkward silences.

Checking me out

Did he check out my butt when I went to the restroom?

Shoe shenanigans

I hope he doesn’t notice I can’t walk properly in my heels.

What’s happening next?

Your turn guys!

What do guys think about on a first date?

Food thoughts

I hope they do good steak here.

Red card!

Remember not to talk about sports all night.


She’s really pretty and her dress is perfect.

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Be complimentary

Tell her she looks pretty.

Question time

I want to ask her so many questions but don’t want to freak her out.


Is she into me? I really can’t tell.

She’s really hot

I REALLY want to take her home.

Fragrance issues

I wonder if she likes my cologne. Maybe I went a bit too overboard.

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Call the charm police

I hope she finds me charming even if I didn't bring flowers.

Please. Please. Please.

See me again!

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