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How To Survive Your First Vacation As A Couple

Let’s face it, going on holiday together for the first time is a major step in any relationship. Not only will you be with each other 24/7, but you’ll no doubt face plenty of problems along the way. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From deciding where to go to getting ill, here’s how to make sure your romantic getaway doesn’t turn into a holiday from hell!

Going away on your first vacation with your partner brings about a mixture of excitement and stress. One of the make-or-break moments of any relationship is undoubtedly your first trip away together. Sure, they’ll be lots of romance and long-lasting memories, but what about the stress, arguments and illness?

Tips to survive your first couple vacation

If you're thinking of getting away soon and don't know where to go, check out your ideal winter vacation destination by zodiac sign. Don't stress about your time away, enjoy it! Here’s how to survive the ups and downs of your first getaway as a duo…

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The destination dispute

This is the first and biggest hurdle to overcome. You’ll spend hours and hours going back and forth between places you want to visit. But don’t get too stressed if the final decision isn’t your dream destination. Remember, it’s just an excuse to get away from your daily routine and spend a romantic time with each other, no matter where you are!

'Trust me, this is the right way!'

Whether it’s driving to the airport to finding your way back to the hotel after a meal out, you’ll both be convinced that your way is the right way. It doesn’t matter what Google Maps says. But the good news is, if your relationship can get through this, it can get through anything!

Airport troubles

There’s the stress of the airport security to get through, any changes you have to make and that’s not to mention the flight itself! But don’t worry, just call on the airhostess to fix you both up a drink and you’ll soon relax!


Ok, so you were prepared for sunbathing on the beach all day but he was looking forward to water sports and hikes…But you can do both! Be prepared to compromise and try new things, and who knows, you actually might end up loving jet-skiing!

Get out of tourist mode

There’s nothing romantic about running on a hectic schedule with your head in a guidebook all week long. Don’t try to see every tourist attraction possible. Try to relax and just be happy to be spending time relaxing in the sun with your partner!

Wear sunscreen!

It sounds silly, but this can really ruin the whole holiday. You may be all prepared with your sun cream, sun hat and bottle of water to stay hydrated. However, too occupied with other things, it’s likely you’ll have forgotten to reapply, resulting in the not-so-sexy lobster look.

Beware the all-inclusive

Unlimited food and alcohol? Yes please! But it’s a problem not only for your health, but also your sex life- after a few too many helpings of pasta, the last thing you want to do is make love! Opt instead for going out for a more sophisticated meal with a few glasses of wine- far more romantic! 

Live for the moment, not Instagram

You try every day to get that perfect shot for your Instagram but it’s just not working! But don’t stress about it, you don’t have to post the perfect photo to be #relationshipgoals!

Illness strikes…

The classic culprits are sunstroke or food poisoning, and might mean you end up having to spend a day or two in your hotel room. Yes, it’s annoying for the other person who wants to get up and explore, but on the bright side, you’ll end up spending a lot of quality time together! Make the best of a bad situation and take the chance to watch movies, order room service and totally relax

Expect arguments!

You may panic that things aren’t going well when you get sick of each other. But that’s totally to be expected when you’re with each other 24/7! Unless you’re having full-blown arguments, a bit of bickering isn't a big deal!

Did it make or break your relationship?

Once you're back home and back to your daily lives, it's worth looking back and evaluating the holiday. Did you get on? Did you have fun? Or did it reveal weaknesses in your relationship? If so, don't just sweep it under the carpet- talk to your partner about it! Or if it went well, get planning your next trip

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