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First Christmas As A Couple? Here’s How To Make It One To Remember!

Let's face it, your first Christmas as a couple is a relationship milestone! But it’s also quite daunting, right? Well don’t worry, follow these top tips and you’re sure to have a stress-free, romantic Christmas that you’ll never forget!

Add a little romance to the festive season!

Spending your first Christmas together as a couple is a big deal! From dealing with the in-laws to stressing about presents, there's a lot to think about! So to make it easier, we've complied the ultimate survival guide to your first Christmas in a relationship. So now all you need to do is just focus on the romance!

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Reasons Why Christmas Is The BEST Time Of The Year

Respect each other’s family traditions

If you’re spending Christmas at one of your family’s houses, make sure you respect their way of doing things. If they eat Chinese takeout or sing carols around the piano, go along with it! After all, you’re the guest!

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Make your own traditions!

As well as following the ones already in place, you can’t repeat the past forever! Try something new together and who knows, you could be doing it with your children in 10 years time!

Make an effort with the in-laws

If you already get on with your partner’s family, then you’ve got nothing to worry about! But if not, Christmas is the perfect time to get in your in-laws good books!

Make time for just the two of you

With all the family gatherings and parties, it can be easy to forget about spending time with each other! Don’t neglect your weekly date nights or Sunday lie-ins during the festive season!

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Make your dates Christmassy

Normally just go out for dinner for date night? Well why not make the most of the holidays and go ice skating instead and get food from the Christmas markets? Or stay in and watch a Christmas movie

Establish the gift situation

There’s nothing more awkward than one of you completely out-doing the other when it comes to presents. To avoid embarrassment, decide your budget beforehand, or whether you’re going to buy each other gifts at all!

Expect arguments

With all the presents to buy and things to organize, the run-up to Christmas can be a stressful time! So it’s not surprising if you end up snapping at each other now and then! Just don’t take them to heart, and stay in the positive Christmas spirit!

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Take photos

You’ll want to look back and remember your first Christmas together, so remember to take plenty of photos to document the memories!

Cook or bake together

From cooking a full Christmas dinner to icing gingerbread, doing an activity in the kitchen together is always fun and will bring you closer as a couple!


If you live together, get the tinsel and fairy lights out and make your home a festive love nest!

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Don’t feel pressured

There can be a lot of pressure to make Christmas the most perfect day of the year. But don’t worry if you don’t stick to traditions! Remember that you have all year round, to make memories together, not just December!

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