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10 Celebrity Dads And Their Famous Kids

In honor of Father’s Day 2018 we’ve decided to celebrate 10 famous superstar Dads who raised equally famous sons and daughters. We all know the saying, like Father like son or even daughter; well here it seems truer than ever. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day properly and take a look at some famous family lineage. It seems that talent really is a family affair after all!

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to let our Dads know how special they are to us and it’s also the perfect excuse to get our fix of gossip by checking out some world famous celebritiesand their equally famous fathers. Which famous people also have famous Dads?

Famous celebrity Dads and kids

Bonding with your Dad can come in many forms; from fishing, sports or even following your famous Father into the celebrity world. Let’s take a look at 10 celebrities who have world famous Dads!

Will Smith and Willow Smith

Willow Smith broke onto the music stage at just 13 years old with the release of her first catchy single ‘Whip My Hair’. The song eventually went platinum and even lead to other smash hits that we all whipped our hair to! Will is one of Hollywood’s most-loved actors and never fails to make his fans laugh. From starting out as the Fresh Prince, Will’s career certainly has gone a long way.

David Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham

David Beckham was the undisputed king of the soccer world for many years at has even starred in red hot Armani underwear campaigns during his career! David and Victoria’s oldest son Brooklyn almost followed in his soccer player Dad’s footsteps, although he eventually decided to carve out a career in photography.

Tom Hanks and Colin Hanks

The much adored actor Tom Hanks has starred in numerous Hollywood blockbusters throughout his career and never struggles to make us giggle! Tom’s son Colin hit the big time when he starred in Roswell and amassed an army of female fans. Colin hasn’t been able to replicate Tom’s success but he is still a great actor in our eyes.

Phil Collins and Lily Collins

British model and actress Lily Collins revealed that she didn’t have much of a relationship with her famous hit maker father when she was growing up. Phil Collins is no doubt an excellent musician but was an absent father when Lily was growing up, although despite their difficult past, Lily forgave Phil for his absence in an open letter in 2017.

Lionel Richie and Nicole Richie

Musician Lionel Richie said ‘Hello’ to the world of music in the 60s and has made us fall in love with the sweet sounds of his soulful tunes over the years. Nicole Richie is Paris Hilton’s former best friend and starred alongside her BFF in ‘The Simple Life’ and was actually adopted by Lionel at the age of 9, after her biological parents decided they didn’t have the financial resources to care for her.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus

Country star Billy Ray Cyrus introduced to ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ and even starred alongside his equally talented daughter Miley Cyrus in ‘Hannah Montana’. The country loving pair has a great connection and has had lots of success. Billy Ray has always supported Miley’s career and even when she decided to carve out her own identity and musical style.

Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump

Former business tycoon Donald Trump was probably the United States’ most unlikely President but after over a year in the White House, he looks to have settled in just fine. As for Invanka, the businesswoman has experienced great success and even works alongside her Dad and husband Jared at the White House. Now that’s one powerful Father Daughter duo.

Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie

It’s a well-known fact that Angelina Jolie hasn’t always seen eye to eye with her Dad Jon, but it’s no secret that he played a huge part in Angelina’s quest for movie star status. Jon got his acting debut in 1963 in the much loved TV series 'Naked City' and helped Angelina land her first acting role at the age of 7! The two have experienced some difficulties but have since patched things up.

Don Johnson and Dakota Johnson

It looks as though the Johnson family was born to rule the Hollywood movie industry. Long before Dakota hit the big screen as the naïve and eventual sex kitten Anastasia Steele, her Dad Don was driving fans wild in Miami Vice. Upon the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, Dakota revealed that her Dad couldn’t bring himself to watch her on-screen steamy sex scenes.

Ozzy Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne

Black Sabath musician Ozzy Osbourne is no stranger to controversy and it’s fair to say his crazy actions often get him talked about quite a bit. At the height of his musical fame, Ozzy even went as far as biting off two dove’s heads! Kelly is definitely her father’s daughter and often divides opinions with her controversial comments.

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