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The Next 50 Trends To Go From Summer To Fall in 2017

These are summer statement pieces you can easily transform for the chillier months right around the corner!

Blowing into Fall 

As September approaches, every fashion-forward woman is already starting to think about fall trends. Will be you be one of them?

Be the trend this fall

As September approaches, every fashion-forward woman is already starting to think about fall trends. Will be you be one of them?

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Neck scarves

You can easily take the neck scarf trend into the fall season by wearing it as a headband. Try and pair it with chocolate brown color schemes.

Steamed pumpkin nail polish

Those bright orange nail hues you’ve been boasting this summer are pumpkin-esque for the fall as well.

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Denim shorts & fishnet tights

Simply slip on a pair of tights under your summer denim shorts on a brisk autumn day!


These on-the-go shoes work in the fall too. Consider wearing tights or cute socks for a subtle touch of quirkiness.

White jeans

There’s still time to rock your favorite pair of white jeans! Compliment them with oversized sweaters.

Floppy hats

Perfect for a day in the park with family or friends. Once you’re done tanning by the pool this summer, keep wearing your floppy hat for total autumn coolness.

Gold hoops

They’re a staple! Whether you’re wearing a one-piece or layering sweaters, gold hoops are the right choice.

Sheath dresses

For a fall look, think about sheath dresses with sleeves. Some are light-weight enough for you to wear in both seasons, or if it’s a bit colder, throw on a trench coat to really turn heads.

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Red everything

The biggest fashion names have called it. Red is in. Go outside of your comfort zone and wear your red summer clothes this fall.

Aztec prints

This is perfect for going from summer music festivals to fall nights. The Aztec pattern is hip this fall.

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Colored tights

For those looking to keep the summer sunlight alive, have fun trying out different colors. Your legs will be doing all the talking.

Plaid shirts

Every casual, cool summer night had them, but now it’s time to pull them out for the colder months for real.

Athletic wear

New York and Paris Fashion Weeks saw a lot of high-end athletic wear. An easy way to go from summer to fall.  

Floral dresses

Beach nights just turned into autumn nights with floral dresses still on the radar.

Beachy stripes

As with floral dresses, beachy stripes can easily go from season to season by throwing on a scarf and cardigan.

White oversized t-shirts

A staple that never goes out of season.

Vintage inspired 90s patterns

A lot of people will be wearing patterns like this in the fall. Don’t pack up your festival outfits just yet.

Boho vibes

Mid-length to long skirts are perfect for fall. Rock your favorite pair of boots underneath for a Southwestern edge.

Crop tops and jackets

A tiny sliver of skin will still be seen this fall. Your crop tops will look sexy underneath heavy cardigans and scarves.

Double denim

Jackets and jeans. You need to sport this look.

Festival wear

Maybe it goes without saying, but casual is a look that never dies. Take your festival outfits into the fall season by loading up on layers and adding sporty looking bags or hats.

Nude colored cover-ups

In addition to red, the fall season will feature a lot of beige and pastels.

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For a glamorous fall soirée, put on those pear earrings that you wore on summer dates.

Bright purple lipstick

Many designers showed clothing lines earlier this year with the models wearing this lipstick shade. It looks fun in the summer and mysteriously charming in the fall.

Silver hair

Women of any age can pull of this look this fall with the right styling.

Jeans with holes

Your tattered, practically falling apart summer jeans will take you right into fall, no questions asked.

Textured nails

Models at New York Fashion Week this year had nails that were exquisitely textured. Go for this look at the salon!


Summertime braids look adorable underneath a beanie!

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Carefree eyebrows

Summer called for low-maintenance makeup regimes. This fall, carry over the same mindset and put down the tweezers for a wild, carefree eyebrow look. Pencils aren’t in.

Colorful smoky eyes

Your summer eyeshadow colors like aqua will pop this fall against heavy scarves and sweaters.

Gothic ensembles

Think sleek leather and shiny black purses. Gothic is alluring during the season transition.

Light makeup

Certain designers like Saint Laurent put down the makeup brushes entirely earlier this year at Fashion Week. Consider keeping your 5-minute summer face this fall.

Sleek hair

That just-came-out-of-the-ocean look is all the hype this fall. Invest in hair products that keep your hair flawlessly held back.

All-hair parts

Being in-and-out of the pool in the summer had your hair part changing all the time, so don’t commit to one part this fall for a versatile look.

Beach waves

They aren’t leaving. If you can’t get beach waves naturally after summer ends, buy a sturdy hair curler for quick wavy hair needs.


A popular look for party girls or conservative women.

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Oversized, chunky earrings

Look to set yourself apart with unconventional earring shapes. The summer months may have put these kinds of earrings on the backburner with all the skin you were showing, but this fall, they’re the main statement.

High-collared tanks

Throw a button-up over it and recycle the summer tank you can’t live without.

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Sloppy buns

Beach bum hair tied up messily can still work this fall with some minor adjustments to your wardrobe.

Shiny red lipstick

We’re throwing matte red lipstick out the window and holding on to the shiny red lips we loved during the summer.

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Cat-shaped glasses

She’s mysterious and she’s got her own plans for this fall...


You can’t go wrong with a beanie during the summer when you haven’t washed your hair in days, nor can you go wrong this fall, when the wind starts to get nippy.

Graphic baseball caps

Women and men will be keeping their hats on during the season change. Get political if you have the nerve!

Off the shoulder blouses

That little peek-a-boo of skin will work in the fall too.

Necklace stacking

Show off your collarbone as if the summer is still hot and alive.

Chic overalls

Now that fall is coming, you can wear turtlenecks or long-sleeves under summer overalls.

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High-waisted jeans

We’re still loving them.

Inky blank jumpsuits

Black is making its way into the fall fashion scene, especially with sexy jumpsuits like this one.

Tailored menswear

For business women or fashionistas, go for sharp angles and sturdy textures when you go from summer to fall.

Mini backpacks

You’ve been hands-free this summer, so why pick up a large tote this fall when you can hold onto the mini-purse you already have?

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