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Here’s a Charming Fall Bucket List for Autumn Souls

Some things just aren’t the same during the summer. Fall is here friends, so if you love fall as much as we do, this bucket list will be just perfect for you. These 25 bucket list items are essential for a whimsically perfect fall season, you're welcome!

Our favorite time of year

Cross it all off or miss out! 

Drink a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

We don’t mind spending more than we should!

Make a day out of the pumpkin patch

Because it takes time to choose the perfect one!

Discover the secrets to your success!

Take long walks in nature

Those colors are too beautiful to resist.

Photograph everything

Fall photoshoots are our favorite.

Conquer the corn maze

Go in and don’t plan on coming out.

Make potpourri

Smell-me-goods and cinnamon sticks!

Make crafts out of nature

When else do we like to paint pinecones?

Conquer the fall season!

Have a pumpkin carving contest

Get a little more creative than this!

Explore creepy, abandoned fields

Preferably with scarecrows and old barns.

Picnic near the lake

The perfect autumn date!

Eat Halloween candy for dinner

Yes, do it. And then don’t feel guilty afterwards.

Find love this fall.

Go to a carnival with your friends

Then splurge on candy apples and fried foods.

Drink hot tea and contemplate life near a window

Find your inner peace.

Make apple pie after going apple picking

You picked them yourself.

Is love is the fall air?

Dress your dog up for Halloween

We love exploiting our animals on this holiday!

Resist going out on Black Friday

Resist, but then give in when you hear about the sales at Macy’s.

Host THE Halloween party of the year

Give your friends something to talk about.

Listen to fall music near the fire

This includes Four Seasons by Vivaldi or really any Frank Sinatra.

See a ballet

Although the Nutcracker isn’t in season, you can still get in the autumn mood with other shows.

What will this season bring for you?

Jump in every pile of leaves

Because someone else’s raking means nothing to you.

Take a hayride

The squishy feel of hay underneath you is reminiscent of better times.

Light a bunch of fall scented candles

Like Hot Apple cider and Pumpkin!

Bake fall treats

Shaped like spiders or fall leaves!

What does your future hold?

Go on a sweater shopping spree

It’s sweater weather, c’mon!

Bring out your beanies

All hail unwashed hair!


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