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50 Photos That Show Why Fall is a Magical Season

Brisk weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and red, orange, and yellow leaves – what more could you ask for? Fall is the best season, hands down. Here are 50 pictures why.

50 Photos That Show Why Fall is a Magical Season

Hand-knit everything

For those who can sew, the fall months bring absolute joy.

Crunchy leaves

You love smashing leaves with your boots just to hear the crunch.

Mild weather

Not too brutal, not too stagnant. Cool and brisk.


It seems better when the weather changes.


They’ve been sitting in your closet all summer.


No one can deny: Halloween is a favorite.

Flavored coffees

Peppermint, pumpkin, and gingerbread!

The colors

Those changing leaves are absolutely stunning.


All bundled up!

Indoor fires

The crackling of wood from the coziness of the couch.

Pumpkin patches

Picking your very own is always a treat!

Apple picking

And then coming home with a whole basket full of them!


A whole holiday centered around eating. Yes please.

Daylight savings time

November 5th! One more hour of sleep. Time to press snooze.

Taking your dogs out

Walks have never been so entertaining.


C’mon, the colors can’t be real…

Fall boots

That’ll you’re going to wear all through winter as well!


There’s no excuse not to exercise!

The lighting

Facebook photos just got an upgrade.

This kind of fun

Wheelbarrows and goofing around.

Kids are back in school

No more boring day distractions. Finally, they’re out of the house for a while.

Football season

NFL season starts September 7th!

Interior design

Everyone suddenly becomes crafty.

Fluffy socks

They keep heat and are best worn when pulled right from the dryer.

Corn mazes

The farmers open up their crops for some harvest fun.

Pumpkin carving

Are you the type who pulls the pumpkin guts out or not?

Lower A.C. costs

Open the windows!

Fall candles

Yankee Candle is about to launch their fall fragrance line!

Making Xmas Wish Lists

It’s already time to start thinking about what you want from Santa.

Black Friday

The sales!!!

Festive sweaters

You thought your elementary school teacher was crazy, but they’re actually really festive…


Mainly for the kids, but who is going to stop you?


Sheer, patterned, or wool: tights are an autumn favorite!


On the rare occasion you see one, it's satisfyingly chilling...

Fall soups

Butternut squash and pumpkin soup!


If you live in woodsy areas, owls and moose may come out…but for everyone else, we have squirrels.

Horse riding

Leaping over hurdles surrounded by the changing leaves.


Sometimes they’re pesky, other times they make great crafts.


That sensation when you go straight through a pile of leaves and they fly all around you.


Time to pull out your oven mitts! Forget the humid summer heat!

Sense of renewal

It’s a new season, you can be anyone you want.

Hot air balloons

Take a long look at those fall colors while high in the sky.

Apple cider

It’s been brewing all year.

Harvest festivals

Take the whole family out for some fall fun!

Pumpkin seeds

Season them anyway you want ‘em!

Haunted houses

Time to get spooky!


The biergartens are waiting!


Whether it’s romantic or family fun, the fall chill makes camping ideal!

Canning season

Beans and pickles! Stock up for winter!

Fall beanies

Time to break out your colorful beanies! 

Reasons to fall for fall

Brisk weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and red, orange, and yellow leaves – what more could you ask for? Fall is the best season, hands down. Here are 50 pictures why.

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