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12 Unmistakable Signs You No Longer Find Your Partner Attractive

The laws of attraction have always been a bit of a mystery and explaining why we are attracted to someone in particular isn’t always the easiest of things. The good news is, when it comes to signs you are no longer attracted to your partner, we know our stuff! As the years go by and relationships mature, the attraction can fade away, are you in this situation right now? Here are 10 confirmation signs.

Understanding the rules of attraction just got a whole lot simpler...thanks to us of course! Having a busy job and kids to run round after can often mean you get less time to spend with your partner. The start of relationship are always full of fun and passion, but can the same be said for mature and longterm relationships? Does the flame still burn as strong?

Has the attraction has gone?

We reveal the top signs you are no longer physically attracted to your partner. Attraction can be switched off very quickly and when this happens, it can be hard to get it back... Here are the signs you are no longer attracted to your man.

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Sex is off the menu

Sex is fueled by intense attraction between partners, so if you notice that you no longer make love as often as you once did then you need to consider that you may be less physically attracted to your man.

You no longer check him out

When your SO walks past, do you immediately check him out in his tight-fitting jeans, or does he have little to no effect on you nowadays? If it’s the latter, then the attraction is faltering.

The flirty banter is over

Was there once a time where you couldn’t go more than a few hours without teasing each other? And what about now? Having great banter is synonymous with strong attraction.

You’ve stopped making an effort

Wanting to look gorgeous for your partner means you are really into him and that you really want him to find you super attractive. If however you no longer feel the need to make an effort to look amazing then the chances are you no longer find him attractive.

Date night has been replaced

If your date night has been non-existent for ages and you no longer really spend any time together in a romantic setting, then are you sure the electric attraction is still there?

Bye bye butterflies

Not getting butterflies in your stomach every time you are with your partner is totally normal after being together for a number of years. But if you can’t even remember when the last time your partner made you feel giddy, then perhaps the attraction between you is wearing thin.

Small things bother you more

Your partner not doing the dishes or cleaning up after himself may seem trivial, but to you they are becoming more and more annoying as time goes on and that’s because the spark is waning.

Why did I fall for him again?

If you can’t even remember why you fell in love with your SO in the first place, then you really should ask yourself if you are still attracted to him and how you feel about him.

Wandering eye

If you are starting to check out other people at work or when you get your morning coffee and find yourself more attracted to them than your partner, then you no longer find your SO hot.

You don’t think about him

Back in the day, you couldn’t get your man out of your head and you were quite literally obsessed with each other, however no that’s not the case and you barely ever think about him when you’re not together.

You’re no longer jealous

A little healthy jealousy is often a sign you are crazy about your partner, but if you no longer experience feelings of jealousy then you are probably not as into your partner as you once were.

You’re overly critical

You can’t help but criticize everything your man does and even what he wears. Deep down you would love him to change up his look and make an effort to seduce you, but this never seems to happen.

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