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10 Telltale Signs That Your Ex Secretly Wants You Back

So you’ve just broken up with your BF and you’re ready to move on. But is he? How can you tell if your ex still loves you and wants you back? From drunk texts to talking about the past, check out these 10 major warning signs that your ex isn’t really over your relationship!

Is your ex really over you?

Breaking up with someone is hard, but it’s even harder when your ex still loves you! Even if you’re ready to move on, these 10 signs indicate that he isn’t and wants you back…

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Is He Still In Love With His Ex? 10 Warning Signs You Can't Ignore!

Keeps apologizing

Even long after the breakup, your ex is still groveling and saying sorry for what happened- it’s starting to get embarrassing! He obviously wants you to forgive him and take him back.

Constant texting and calling

It’s ok to still keep in touch with your ex, but when he messages you 24/7 or calls for no apparent reason, you know he’s still not over you

He’s ‘working on himself’

If your ex is suddenly improving all those things about himself that you kept telling him about in the relationship, he’s clearly trying to win you back. But frankly, it's all too little, too late!

He’s still involved in your friends and family

If your ex is still in contact with your parents or hangs around your friends all the time, he’s clearly not ready to leave your life for good!

The rebound

Is your ex suddenly dating someone else or having loads of one night stands- and making sure you know about it? Well, looks like he’s trying to make you jealous because he wants to get you back!

Lonely boy

If he’s not going dating crazy, let us guess, he’s always telling people how he doesn’t want to be with anyone else? That’s because he still has hope that you’ll get back together!


If your ex sees you so much as even talk to another guy, does he freak out? This jealously is a major indication that he still loves you.

He keeps going over the break up

For you, the break up happened and you’re over it, right? But he feels the need to re-hash every detail of what happened, as if to try and find a solution!

Sad social media posts

He obviously isn’t over you if he’s constantly making posts on social media about how lonely/sad/depressed he is…ok, we get it!

The good old days

Does he keep reminiscing about the good memories you had? Sending you photos of you both together? If so, you can guarantee that he’s still in love with you!

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