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Things You Absolutely Must Do Before The Year Is Over!

2019 is nearly over and 2020 is fast approaching. Oh how time flies when you're having fun! Have you achieved everything you wanted to this year? Or do you still have some loose ends to tie up? Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time left to complete our 2019 bucket list before the year is out! So what are you waiting for? Let's take a look at what you need to check off your bucket list before the year is over.

As crazy as it seems 2020 is almost here and there is only a limited amout of time left for you to complete your 2019 bucket list and finish the year off in the right way. An end of year bucket list will help give you the inspiration you need to start 2020 in the most awesome way ever and will even help you set your New Year's resolutions

End of year bucket list you need to complete

From sorting your admin out to reflecting on your acheivements, it’s important to end the year with a clear head and a positive mindset. Here’s how to make sure you start 2020 with a bang! What is left for you to check off your 2019 bucket list? When it comes to bucket list inspiration for your zodiac sign, we've got your back.

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Tie up all your lose ends

This is everything from paying your bills to replying to all those emails. Sort out all the boring admin now so you can start the new year with a clear head!

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Make a list of everything you’ve achieved

It may sound pointless, but this does wonders for your self-esteem! Reflecting on the year is a great way to celebrate your own successes and be proud of yourself!

Make a photo album/ scrapbook of the year

Like listing your achievements, looking back on your photos from the year will make you realize what great memories you’ve made! Plus, it's a great keepsake to look back on for years to come.

Set out what you want to achieve next year

Give yourself a new year’s resolution or a personal challenge for 2019! This might be something you feel was missing from that list of achievements, or something completely random! Start thinking of this now before the new year actually arrives and you’re get too busy to sit down and reflect. 

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Thank someone who helped you this year

Even if it was long ago and you think they will have forgotten about that favor they did for you, sending someone a little thank you note or text message will make someone’s year! That’s not to mention the benefits for your own conscience! 

Make the most of all things Christmassy

Christmas is always over too fast, right? So make sure you go to the Christmas markets, drink hot chocolate and eat too many mince pies while you can!

Talk to your crush

You’ve drooled over them all year, so why not challenge yourself and say hi to them? Or even ask if they want to go for a drink? Who knows, you might end up with new year's kiss! You have nothing to lose! 

Plan a New Years Party

New Years is a great excuse to gather all your friends and family round for a party! Whether you want to dance until the next morning or just have a quiet meal with a few friends, start sending out the invites!

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Forgive someone

Been holding a grudge all year? Stopped speaking to someone because of a silly argument? Make sure you start the new year off on the right footing and reach out to them and make peace.

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Finish what you started!

We’ve all been there; you start a book or TV series and just never get round to finishing it. Take some me-time to relax, curl up on the sofa and tick them off your list!

Do a good deed

Not everybody has a warm house or even family to spend Christmas with. Think about donating food or giving your time to help charities around Christmas time. You’ll feel like a better person for it!

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