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Are You Dating An Emotionally Unavailable Guy? These Are The Warning Signs!

Don't get us wrong, it's great to have fun and joke around with your partner like they're you're best friend. But there comes a time when you should be ready to get serious. But some guys just can't commit to making it last! From avoiding deep talks to being too forward in the bedroom, here’s the 10 red flags that point to an emotionally unavailable partner.

Is your partner afraid of emotions?

There’s nothing worse than having an emotionally unavailable boyfriend, when you want to take things to the next level! If you recognize these telltale signs, it looks like your man isn’t ready to take things seriously…

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15 Clear Signs He Doesn’t Want To Commit

He doesn’t keep in touch

Go days without hearing from him? Are you always the first one to text or call? This is a big sign that he’s just not emotionally committed to you! 

You haven’t met his friends or family

If he hasn’t introduced you to his friends and family, he clearly isn’t taking the relationship seriously.

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He avoids talking about the future

This is one of the biggest fears of an emotionally unavailable guy!

Mr independent

Independence is good, but if he’s never around and prefers to be alone than with you, he’s not emotionally invested in your relationship

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A closed book

A serious couple should be able to talk about their feelings, worries, hopes and fears with each other.

He can’t relax around you

If you still feel like he puts on a front around you, it’s likely he isn’t ready to completely invest in your relationship.

He’s too focused on sex

Sure, this plays a big part in the relationship, but moving too quickly when it comes to the bedroom shows that he’s only interested in the physical, rather than emotional side of the relationship.

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He complains about his exes

There’s nothing worse than a guy who complains about his exes all the time. It’s a major indicator that they still haven’t emotionally moved on from them.

He’s all take and no give

He doesn’t have to buy you flowers every day, but when was the last time he went out his way to do something thoughtful for you?

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He’s scared to make it public

Whether it’s not posting photos of you both on his social media or being scared of the word ‘girlfriend’, this is a big red flag that he’s not mature enough to commit.

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