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15 Indisputable Signs You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Sometimes when we are in a relationship we can have a hard time recognizing unhealthy and almost toxic traits, which means you could be in an emotionally abusive relationship and not even know it! If at times you feel like your partner gets you down and doesn’t make any efforts to make you feel good, the chances are your SO is an emotional abuser.

Figuring out whether you are in an emotionally abusive relationship can be complicated. We’re here to clear things up for you!

Let’s get real about emotional abuse …

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Things only a controlling partner will say

Constant criticism

Being in a relationship with someone that always puts you down and makes you feel bad at yourself is tantamount to being in an emotionally abusive relationship. Words are often more hurtful than actions in a relationship.

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Sarcastic comments

Frequently being on the receiving end of negative and catty comments is enough to wear anyone down and certainly has no place in a healthy and stable relationship.

Belittling remarks

Mocking your goals and dreams for the future is one of the most blatant signs your partner is emotionally abusive. A dedicated partner will support you no matter what and will always be by your side with words of encouragement.

Controlling behavior

Wanting to know where you are, who you’re with and what time you are coming home is really intrusive and controlling for that matter. You are no longer a teen and can make decisions about what you do on your own!

You feel like a child

If you have to ask for permission to do things like going out with your friends for example, then your partner is attempting to control you and your life, which by the way is totally unhealthy.

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Your partner controls your finances

Taking control of your money along with other things in your life is one of the biggest giveaway signs you are in an emotionally abusive relationship.

You never dare to disagree with your partner

Whenever you don’t actually agree with your partner, you can never actually bring yourself to say it and express your point of view.

Your partner accuses you of things

Cheating, hiding things, being dishonest are amongst a whole bunch of things that your partner accuses you of doing on a regular basis and the accusations are totally unfounded.

They wreck your confidence

A healthy relationship is supposed to help you build on your confidence and make you feel more and more comfortable in your own skin. If being with your partner doesn’t make you feel amazing because of all the criticism, then your SO is emotionally abusive.

You can’t be yourself

If you feel like you have to filter your personality when you are around your partner, then trust us on this one, you are with the wrong person.

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You always get the blame

An emotionally abusive partner will typically make you feel guilty about how unhappy they are and even go as far as blaming you for all of the problems in their life.

Mean name calling

Making you feel bad about yourself with horrible names is an emotionally abusive partner’s specialty.

No care for your feelings

An emotionally abusive partner won’t have a care in the world about your feelings and definitely won’t try and make you feel happy.

Is love in the air?

Emotional blackmail

An emotionally abusive partner isn’t above blackmailing you in order to get their way. Nothing is out of bounds, not even emotional manipulation.

Disapproving looks

Staring at you disapprovingly when you’re out having a good time with a group of friends is a classic way to make you feel awkward and uneasy.

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