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15 Essential Tips To Embracing Your Body This Summer

Summer is finally here which means it’s about time you embraced your beautiful self and got body positive. Yes, we know loving yourself and your curves isn’t always as simple as ABC, but we want you to know it really is possible! Nowadays, we live under constant pressure to look flawless at all times, but not having ‘the perfect’ figure doesn’t mean you can’t love yourself and embrace your bod.

When it comes to loving yourself and what God gave you, we've got your back! We think it's really important to appreciate and love what you have, after all wishing you were different is just a huge waste of time and energy. Loving yourself just got a whole lot easier thanks to our advice.

15 Tips to embrace your body!

You don’t have to be a perfect size 0 in order to love yourself. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, all you need to do is embrace it and let yourself gorgeousness shine through! Summer really is the best time to learn to love and accept yourself.

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Dress for your size

This first tip may seem like a really obvious one, but in order to love your curves, you need to feel comfortable and dress for your size. So, out with the baggy clothes and in with cute get-ups that really flatter your figure and put your best assets on show.

Dare to be bold

Feeling good about yourself is about embracing your personality and expressing yourself. If you want to wear bold and colorful prints go for it! Wear what makes you happy, not what others want or expect you to wear.

Mirror mirror on the wall!

When we are not totally comfortable with our bodies, it can be hard to check ourselves out in the mirror. However, looking at ourselves is key to embracing ourselves. By getting a good look, you’ll soon realize that you have amazing assets too!

I love ...

This idea may sound a little corny at first, but believe us when we say writing things down that you like about yourself really will change your life! To feel good and sexy, you need to accept yourself just as you are, lumps, bumps and all.

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Bye bye magazines

Glossy magazines and even Instagram accounts really are responsible for polluting our minds and making us feel bodily inadequate. The time has come to do a little spring cleaning and to throw out any publications promoting ‘beauty standards’.

Stop idealizing

Living in such a beauty centered society makes it a little difficult to believe, however there really is no ideal or perfect beauty. Comparing yourself to photoshopped models won’t help you feel any better, you need to accept yourself for who you are on the inside.

Put yourself out there

This idea may seem a little cheesy, but it really is a great one! To embrace yourself and your body, you need to hear genuine compliments from other people. Yes, it may be a little awkward, however asking for their opinions will certainly make you realize you have some amazing assets.

Ban crazy diets

When we aren’t happy with our bodies, it can be easy to jump to the conclusion that a crash diet is the solution for you. Crazy diets will only make you feel worse about yourself and will put you through hell, it’s way more simple to choose to love every inch of yourself.

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Listen to yourself

To feel good about yourself and your body, you need to do things that make you happy and feel positive. Being happy and in a positive frame of mind is the secret to embracing yourself and loving you for who you really are.

Ban negativity

Thinking negative thoughts will real harm your self-esteem and perspective of your body. Banning words like fat, over weight, ugly and unattractive from your vocabulary will definitely help you feel better about your gorgeous self.

You time

Taking some time out for yourself and putting things into perspective will help you find some good headspace and help you embrace yourself. Focusing on yourself will have an amazing effect on your self-esteem.

Stop feeling guilty

Being angry at yourself because you ate an ice-cream two weeks ago isn’t the way to embracing and loving yourself for who and how you are. Remember, you never have to feel bad about doing things you love.

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Let’s work out!

Yes, working out is important, but forcing yourself to go to the gym for 2 hours every day won’t help you feel good about yourself. You need to exercise because it makes you feel good, not because you feel like you absolutely have to. If you hate going to the gym, choose to do something else.

Bikini time!

You’ve probably been anticipating this next tip and maybe even dreading reading it, but trust us when we say, hunting down your best bikini and heading to the beach will really boost your confidence. Who knows, you may even catch someone’s eye and get some compliments.

Celebrate yourself

The ultimate key to loving yourself and embracing your body, is celebrating what you have been gifted with. Even if, you are not a size 0 you are still beautiful, lovable and sexy, so don't forget that!  

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