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Move On: 20 Surefire Signs You Should Kick Your Man To The Curb

Love can make us blind to our partner’s downfalls but, some flaws are too serious to ignore. If you are in a relationship with a toxic and negative person, you should think about kicking him to the curb, moving on and dumping him ASAP, before you get your heart broken. Should you move on? If you can identify with these signs, then you should seriously think about dumping your man and moving on.

If you are in a toxic, dead end relationship, then you need to get out now and move on!

Move on from your relationship: Dump him if...

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He puts you down in public

It may have started out as a little joke about your skills in the kitchen and how you would probably burn a salad, but now it’s turned in to a regular thing and can at times get quite nasty and personal. You’ve said it makes you uncomfortable but he never listens.

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He doesn’t have time for you

If your man prefers spending his times playing video games or hanging out with his friends than you, then we hate to break it to you but it’s time for you to dump him and find someone who is all about you!

His friends are his priority

Having friends to hang out with is great, but if your man always chooses to put them before you, then he isn’t the one for you. Your perfect partner will get the balance right between his love life and social life.

He’s a total party animal

Going out partying every night is great, when you’re in college! If your man heads to the club every weekend with his buddies leaving you to clock watch at home, then you need to put an end to your relationship.

He doesn’t want to take things further

If moving in together and marriage aren’t subjects on his lips even after being together for a significant amount of time, then it’s time to call things a day. Not having the same end goal as your man will ultimately mean you can’t be together.

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He openly flirts with other girls

Guys love flirting, but if your man flirts with cute girls at every opportunity he gets and loves making you feel jealous, then he doesn’t deserve to be with you and you should get out of the relationship while you can.

He’s immature

Ask yourself this, can you seriously see yourself having a serious, long-term relationship with a man child? Being with someone immature may seem like fun, but in the long run will only lead to heartbreak.

He’s negative

Being around negative vibes for long periods of time will eventually wear you down and dampen your bright personality. Having someone negative in your life is extremely toxic and will make you unhappy.

He can be mean

If he never has any warm words of support and encouragement for you, then ladies you know what to do.

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He doesn’t make you feel good

The whole point of being in a relationship is to share amazing moments of complicity that make you feel on top of the world. If your man doesn’t make you feel great about yourself, then you are with the wrong person.

Everything is on his terms

One of the key ingredients to a successful relationship is making decisions and important choices together, if everything is always on your man’s terms, then your relationship isn’t healthy.

He doesn’t support you

In a relationship, your man should be your biggest cheerleader and supporter. No matter how wild your dreams are, he should always be behind you giving you the support and encouragement you need. If he isn’t then you need to dump him ASAP!

He has no ambition

Ambition actually plays a really important role in a relationship, so being with a deadbeat guy who doesn’t know what he wants out of life won’t help you achieve any of your personal goals.

He’s aggressive

Aggression and violence both physical and mental are just totally unacceptable and are immediate motives for calling an end to things.

He’s lazy

We’re sure you’d agree that if your man makes minimal effort to make you happy, then you really should think about leaving and finding someone who will treat you better.

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He’s disrespectful

Being in a relationship with someone who has zero respect for you is a total recipe for disaster and trust us, you deserve so much better.

He’s not attentive to your needs

A great partner is attentive and caring, being in a relationship with someone that doesn’t seem to care enough to take your needs into consideration just doesn’t cut it.

He never considers your feelings

If your man is very self-centered, self-absorbed and only thinks of himself, then what are you doing with him? Relationships are all about uniting two people.

He tries to change you

‘You’d look better in this dress’ or ‘You’d look amazing blonde’ are classic indications that your man wants to change you. Wanting to control everything about your partner is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

He talks about his ex

Whether he does it to make you jealous or because he still has fond memories of their time together, if he talks about her regularly, he isn’t over her and can’t give you the love you desire.

Is love in the air for you?

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