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Ex Revenge: How to Show Your Ex You’re Doing Great Without Him

Want to get revenge on your ex by showing them that you've moved on and are single and happy alone? Carly tells us how she showed her ex that she was totally over it. Sometimes a good dose of self-love and little ex revenge is all you need.

Going through a break up is always difficult, especially when you loved your partner so much and still have feelings for them!

Finding happiness and showing your ex how great you are doing all by yourself are the best forms of revenge to get on your ex

Show him you are single and happy!

Here's Carly's advice on how she got over her ex man!

He was in my bed with someone else

I won’t get into the nasty details, but in so many words, I caught my ex-boyfriend in a compromising position with another woman. I was mortified.

The breakup was horrible and it ended with me having a ton of resentful feelings towards the person I thought I loved. I inevitably came to question myself and my possible failings for what had happened. Was I not giving him what he needed? Did he not think I was attractive anymore?

“He’ll come back for me” phase

It took a lot of nights with my best friends to stop thinking that I would get him back. They had to hold me back from sending spiteful texts, posting cryptic pictures, and even showing up unannounced at his house.

I never got any closure, which made me angry. But after months of sitting around waiting for him to reach out to me, I decided enough was enough. My life had to continue and I couldn’t let him stop me from being happy.

So, my advice really isn’t about getting back at your boyfriend or pretending you’re alright for his benefit. This is about improving your self-worth after someone hurt you, but more importantly being able to take it in stride as the courageous woman that you are.

Make your love story a success!

Get off social media

My first advice for those wanting to “prove something” to your ex would be to eliminate all possible chances of you spending Friday night at home stalking his profiles. That means blocking him off everything. Once you get rid of the toxic energy from that side of the Internet, then you can start to focus on other things.

Secondly, I advise following the formula of practically every romantic comedy ever made for showing your ex he hasn’t affected you: get a makeover. A new hairstyle or makeup regime will allow you to forget your old self and move on as a new person.

Do things for yourself

Try and push yourself outside of what you’d normally do. Believe it or not, going out alone invites more attention if you’re hoping to get back into the dating game. If not, take the time to figure out who you are after having been in a relationship for so long.

Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. What happened, happened, and now you’ve been blessed with the chance to come back even stronger. Don’t dwell in self-pitying questions, rather try and see the good in this recent liberation.

Who knows? If you bump into your ex, he’ll see that you’ve been flourishing without even having to try.  

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