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The Most Popular Breeds Around The World!

No matter where you are in the world, dogs are a man’s best friend! However, each country has their favorites dog breeds, and some might surprise you! From Japan to Brazil, check out how these countries rank their furry friends! Plus, we’ve got some adorable photos that are guaranteed to brighten your day. Discover which dog breeds are the most popular in our 10 selected countries.

If you are an avid zodiac sign dog lover, you have probably already wondered what the most popular dog breeds around the world are, right? Unsurprisingly, many breeds are popular because of their gentle characters, but not all countries share the same love for each breed. 

Most popular dog breeds by country

Even if you’re more of a cat kind of person, you can’t deny that dogs are loved all over the world! We've hand picked 10 countries and looked at their dog loving behavior; check out which adorable dogs are the most loved internationally.

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UK and US

Like in a lot of Western countries, the classic and timeless Labrador Retriever is the top dog here!

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Surprisingly, the sophisticated Parisian poodle didn’t come out on top, instead beaten by their neighbours' German Shepard.


The majestic Icelandic Sheepdog is of course the no.1 pooch in these freezing temperatures and wild conditions.


The adorable Toy Poodle is the hound of choice in Japan, and we can clearly see why!

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It may be a while from its original home, but the quintessentially British Yorkshire Terrier loves to party at the Carnival with their Brazilian owners!


Sometimes better known as the Sausage Dog, Germany’s heralds its very own Dachshund as its favorite furry friend.

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The practically pocket-sized Shih Tzu are the most popular fluffy companions here.


The reliable and gorgeous Golden Retriever is loved by everyone down under! 

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You may think of the Husky as riding sleighs across Siberia, but these majestic creatures are a big hit with the Chinese upper class. And we can see why!


The small but mighty Staffordshire Terrier takes the prize for most-loved dog here!

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