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11 Cute Ways To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life but how can you make your special day even greater? By including your favorite four-legged friend of course! Having your beloved best friend by your side will drive away the stress of saying ‘I do’ and make your day that little bit sweeter. And, just think of how cute the photos will be, we’re melting just thinking about it.

Make your dog part of your special day

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Pet proposal

Let’s start from the very beginning, why not include your adorable dog in every step of your marriage and use them to propose to your partner? A touch of originality never hurt anyone and there’s no way anyone could say no to this little cutie!

Star of the show

All of your friends know just how much you love your dog, right? Right, so why not add an extra touch of cuteness to your ‘Save the Date’ invites and incorporate an adorable image of you, your partner and your little furry baby? Your friends and family will love the idea.

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Say cheese!

Do something totally different and include your pooch in your engagement or wedding photos. The idea is way out of the ordinary but trust us, in a few years from now you’ll look back on your special day with even fonder memories thanks to your beautiful photos.

Invite them

Inviting your dog to your ceremony will make the day even more special for you. Weddings are about celebrating unions and the love of two partners in the company of everyone dear to your heart, so why wouldn’t you invite your dog that you love so very much?

Ring bearer

Go one step further and give your dog some serious responsibility by making him or her the ring bearer. After all, is there anyone more trustworthy, loyal and dependable than your dog? We certainly don’t think so.

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Walk down the aisle

Why not have your dog walk you down the aisle and stay at your side whilst you exchange your vows and say ‘I do’? Having your pooch by your side will definitely reassure you and help you get over the nerves during the ceremony.

Usher duties

Here’s an idea you’ll instantly fall in love with, why not use your dog to as an usher and have your faithful friend escort your wedding guests to their seats? Your loyal buddy will ensure everything runs smoothly.


Weddings are moments of bliss, but they can also be a little stressful, so having your dog by your side on your special day will give you a great excuse to leave the festivities behind for a moment and spend some quality time with your partner and loyal sidekick to savor the moments.

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Cake homage

Everyone loves cake so here’s an idea for you, why not make your wedding cake that little bit funkier by adding an awesome topper of you, your partner and your dog? Isn't that just the cutest idea ever?

After party!

Include your four-legged friends in the festivities of the evening and dance the night away together to have the most perfect time. When the daunting speech moment arrives, have your best friend by your side for some extra support.

Dress up time!

Dress your little angel up in their best wedding attire and have them accompany you to your wedding reception, that way you'll make sure all eyes are on you!

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