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10 Telltale Signs That Your Partner Wants A Divorce

It may be hard to admit, but sometimes, marriages just don’t work out. You may have said ‘till death do us part’, but there are certain signs that indicate that things may end before that! From obvious things like arguing to more subtle clues, these are the warning signs that your marriage is on the rocks and that your partner wants a divorce. Is my marriage over?!

Sometimes you just get that feeling that things aren't right in your relationship. But why wait until your partner has already filed for divorceGet ahead of the game and confirm for yourself whether or not your partner wants a divorce with the help of our 10 signs your husband wants to leave you.

Does my husband want to leave me?

If you recognise these telltale signs that your spouse is unhappy, it might be time to address your problems and talk it out with them, before it's too late and your marriage comes to an end! 

You hardly spend time together

Sure, you might both have busy lives, but a happy marriage will always find the time to spend with each other. So if you just don’t seem to do things together anymore, you might want to ask yourself why

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You argue all the time…

This is perhaps the most obvious sign that it’s time to call it off. A healthy couple shouldn’t be constantly arguing!

…But never resolve them

A few arguments are normal in a relationship if you can resolve them. But avoiding talking over your problems is a bad sign for a marriage.

Lack of communication

Remember when you used to tell each other everything? When your partner stops communicating or asking about your life or telling you about his, it's a sure sign that he wants out. 

Future? What future?

When your spouse avoids making any future plans, it’s clear that they just don’t see that there is one for your marriage…

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Sudden interest in your finances

Is your partner suddenly asking about your accounts and taking an unusual interest in your finances? This is a telltale sign that they’re checking out how divorce would leave their bank balance.

Sex is a thing of the past

Intimacy is a major part of marriage, so when the sex gets bad or you just stop doing it at all, it’s a sign that your partner just isn’t attracted to you in that way anymore!

Lack of physical connection

Sex isn’t the only form of intimacy that makes up a marriage. If your partner stops giving you the morning kiss goodbye, or cuddling with you as you watch TV, this is an indicator that they just don’t want to connect with you anymore.

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Distracted and distant

Feel like your partner just isn’t interested in you anymore? Do they always seem to be preoccupied, thinking about something else? This is a big clue that their heart just isn’t in it, or they're thinking about someone else...

They prepare for single life

Once your partner has got the idea of divorce in their mind, they can often start taking more care of their appearance more than usual, an obvious sign that they're getting ready to get back in the dating game

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