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How To Survive The Most Awkward, Nightmare Date

Everyone has their fair share of nightmare dates that make you lose faith in the dating world. But don't worry ladies, they happen to the best of us. But for when you’re squirming in your seat and checking your watch, here’s how to make it out alive!

How to survive a date from hell!

Awkward, bad dates are all part of the crazy world of dating. After all, everyone has to kiss a frog before they find their prince! Here's our top tips for making it though even the most disasterous of dates.

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Try to start over

If you realize that you started on totally the wrong foot and made it awkward from the start, nip it in the bud while you can! Apologize if you said or did something embarrassing and ask if you can just start again from the top!

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Steer the topic of conversation

If you’re deep in a really weird topic of conversation, don’t let it carry on any longer! Swiftly change to a safer subject and it’s likely the redness will go from your cheeks!

Why is it a disaster?

Sure, you might just have that ‘gut feeling’ that this guy isn’t for you, but it might not always be them. Are you in an uptight, posh restaurant that you’re both uncomfortable in? Are you doing a physical activity that’s making you both nervous? If you can, you might want to change your date setting!

Try to find the positives

If their conversation is really awkward, try to focus on their beautiful eyes. If their hair isn’t quite as nice as you remembered it, forget it and try to focus on their charming laugh! Remember, nobody is perfect!

Be open-minded

If you’re date isn’t going how you imagined it, try not to focus on that. Instead, focus on the present and make the best of the situation you are in!

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Find the humor

If you’ve accepted that you don’t see anything romantic happening here, try to just accept it as an experience and a funny story to tell your friends later!


OK, so you’ve tried all of the above and it’s just definitely a very bad date. Now you’ve just got to find a way to get out of there

Look around you…

Want to give your date the hint that you’re not interested in them? If you’re in a busy environment like a bar, start flirting with other people…

Call in the girls

You can always count on your girlfriends to get you out of an awkward date. Ask on the group chat if anyone is around to come and save you and drag you away!

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Say it how it is

If you can’t escape subtly, you might just have to tell the truth. Something like ‘look, I’m really sorry but I’m not feeling it’ should be a gentle but firm way to bring things to a close…

Don’t lose faith!

You might come home feeling a bit down after a disastrous date. But remember, for every bad date, they’ll be another successful one! Don’t lose faith in the whole dating world just because of this one blip. Just carry start planning your next one!  

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