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20 Valid Reasons You Should Date One Of Your Friends

Deciding to date a friend may seem a little unconventional but trust us when we say, it may just be the best ‘most offbeat’ decision you ever make. Many people out there who think dating a friend is a total recipe for disaster and will result in a lost friendship and some serious heartache. However we totally disagree; here’s why dating a mate is awesome and why you should totally do it!

We’ve all taken a trip to Heartbreak Boulevard at one point in our lives and at first dating a friend might seem like an invitation for a one-way ticket back to our favorite place of chagrin. But, let us assure you dating a mate may just be the best thing to ever happen to you!

20 perks of dating a friend…

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Friendships are the basis of relationships

It may sound a little cliché, but it’s true, good strong friendships really are the foundation of any solid and successful relationship. So, when you have the friendship base covered, you can look forward to an amazing relationship.

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You know what to expect

Dating someone you had no previous connection to, is like plunging into the unknown. Whereas dating a friend means you have a heads-up on everything about them, including their bad habits and annoying quirks.

Less awkwardness

Getting into a relationship with a friend means you can be completely open with each other, because you know your significant other accepts you and cares for you no matter what. Dating a mate means you get to bypass all the awkward stages of dating.

Same friends

One of the main advantages of dating a friend is that you are bound to either have mutual friends or share the same friendship group, who will no doubt be thrilled for you both! Sharing the same friends make things a whole lot easier.

You share hobbies

Being friends with someone typically requires you to have at least a few points in common. Whether you are both passionate about sports or just lazing around watching movies, you have activities that bring you together.

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Precious memories

Dating a pal means you have already made plenty of amazing memories that will no doubt encourage you to continue making new ones. Already having awesome memories with your friend will strengthen your connection and relationship basis.

Common goals

If you decide to date a mate, you clearly have common goals and share the same values, which really is essential for a romantic relationship to work. Being able to talk openly about your aims and desires is a real luxury you’ll discover by dating a friend.

You’ll feel comfortable

If you date a friend, you’ll feel a hundred times more comfortable than if you were with anyone else. Being with your friend means they have no doubt probably seen you at your worst and still love and accept you for who you are; how amazing does that sound?!

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Dating one of your good friends may even mean you have already met their family, which if it’s the case will save you a whole load of stress and anxiety. After all, meeting your partner’s friends and family is typically no easy feat.

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No bad surprises

When you start dating one of your friends, you can rule out any bad surprises because you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Dating a friend is an amazing experience and will ensure their positive qualities make you an ever better person.

Deep understanding

Being with someone you were originally friends with means you have an amazing connection and an awesome understanding of each other. Dating a friend ensures you already have the basis for a solid relationship and makes it easier for you to be yourself.

Obstacle course

No friendships are without their ups and downs which means you will have definitely already overcome obstacles in the past and have been able to move on from them. Having the reassurance that you can get through anything is essential in any relationship.

Deep attraction

You rarely decide to date one of your friends overnight and in most cases, both parties have suppressed their feelings for each other over the years. Having feelings for someone over a long period of time means the level of sexual attraction is electrifying.

Fundamental trust

Trust is one of the fundamental pillars of any good relationship, which is awesome news because no one has friends they don’t trust, right? Dating a friend and more importantly someone you trust completely is a real blessing.

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Good communication

Knowing you can talk openly and freely to your partner is one of the most amazing feelings out there that everyone needs to experience! Free flowing and honest communication is guaranteed when you date a mate!

Mutual respect

Respecting your partner is an essential element for any relationship to work out. It typically takes a while for respect to be built, but when you’ve known each other and have been friends for years, you can skip this part and continue living happily ever after.

Dating history

Knowing your partner’s dating history is a very important factor in any relationship and often helps bring partners closer together. Dating someone you were originally friends with gives you a deeper insight into their personality and how events have affected them in the past.


Dating a mate means secrets will become a thing of the past and that you’ll be able to open up to each other and reveal even your naughtiest thoughts and hey, perhaps you already know their deepest darkest secrets. Dating a friend is means trust is already in place and strong!

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You’ll feel great

Being in a relationship with a friend is such a special experience and will make you feel sexier and more empowered than ever before. Dating your friend will have you feeling more confident than ever and will no doubt be your best relationship.

Lots to lose

Dating one of your friends doesn’t come without risks, meaning you’ll both have to invest yourselves 100% and work harder than ever before to ensure your relationship succeeds and that you don’t lose your friendship. The stakes just got higher, but so did the passion and excitement!

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