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Surprisingly Good Dating Advice Your Dad Probably Gave You As A Teen

Growing up, the last person in the world you probably wanted to go to for love tips and dating advice was your Dad, right? But let's face it, he was always there with his pearls of wisdom. Dads and daughters have special relationships and although as teens it was sometimes hard to believe, Dads only want the best for their little girls. So, let’s check out the fatherly dating advice that has gotten us through some heartbreaks!

Growing up is never easy, but having your Dad by your side to give you some dating advice in your teenage years always helps. Here's some of the best dating advice we bet your father gave you back in the day!

Dad's awesome dating tips

It may sound odd but Dads have some amazing advice when it comes to dating and although as a teen you might not have wanted to hear it, looking back you now you know it was stellar advice. And yes, Dads dated once too!

Be confident in who you are

Stay true to yourself and don’t let yourself get pushed into anything you don’t want to do. Just be you and if someone doesn’t like it then they’re not for you.

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Know your worth

You are worth a million bucks and don’t let anyone ever tell you differently.

Don’t rush

Take your time, you have your whole life ahead of you. When it comes to sex, if you’re not feeling it, don’t force yourself just to make someone else happy.

Set boundaries

Boundaries are important when dating, you need to know where you both stand to be able to progress and build something real.

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Don’t settle

Settling is the worst thing you can do in a relationship. So, if you feel like the person you’re with isn’t right for you although you have feelings for them, put an end to things. Chase your happiness.

Make sure the guy has prospects

It may sound shallow but being with someone who has prospects will open hundreds of doors for you and give you a chance to see and learn so much.

Second chances

If second chances are deserved, give them. Everyone messes up once in a while so don’t be too hard on your boyfriend. Life is a learning curve for everybody.

Be you

Don’t change yourself for anyone, ever!

Don’t waste your tears

Don’t waste your tears crying over someone who’d never cry over you. Even if you’re hurt, pick yourself up and hold your head high.

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Avoid cheaters

Once a cheat always a cheat. To avoid a visit to Heartbreak Avenue and using up 100 boxes of Kleenex’s, don’t date someone who’s cheated before.

Rumors are sometimes true

There is sometimes some truth to rumors, so be sure to go with your gut on things. The important thing is not to be blinded by romance and cute promises.

Give people a chance

Don’t have a fixed type of man you’d like to meet in your head. Mr Perfect doesn’t exist and George Clooney is already taken! Be open-minded about people and avoid being too shallow.

Love is hard

Love and relationships aren’t a walk in the park. For them to work, both partners need to put lots of work and effort in.

Friendship is a great basis

Friendship really does create a great foundation for an amazing relationship, so don’t rule out falling for a friend.

Take on board my thoughts

Listening to other people’s thoughts and opinions isn’t the easiest thing to do, but we are only looking out for you.

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Breakups suck but…

Breaking up with someone you loved is always a difficult thing to get through but, you’ll will get over it and become stronger.

Avoid texting

What ever happened to just talking? Letting someone know how you feel by text just doesn’t cut it. Keep communication to real life exchanges.

Don’t let anyone hold you back

Make yourself happy and don’t allow yourself to be tied down to someone controlling. If you want something, go out there and do it for you. Keep your happiness in mind.

NO to secrets

It may be embarrassing but we want to meet and get to know your boyfriend. It’s not us being nosey, we just want to know you are being well looked after.

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Be home by 10!

Tell your boyfriend to have you home by 10 and no later!

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