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5 Normal Ways All Relationships Change Within A Year

If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you’ll know that at the very beginning things are very different to for example a year down the line. This observation is by the way is totally normal for the majority of couples! Lots of things change over a period of a few months as we really start to get comfortable with our partners and yes ladies, it does go deeper than changing our leg shaving habits! Discover the 5 totally normally ways relationships change in a year.

Relationships are all about evolution and growing together. Time is a real blessing in any relationship, because as it goes on, our union and bond get stronger and this also means we start to notice changes in their relationships. Change is the natural progression for people in healthy and stable partnerships.

15 Normal changes all relationships go through 

Do you feel like you and your partner are in a different place than a year ago for example? Can you and your partner relate to these relationship changes? Read on to find out how you measure up!

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Spending time together

How does spending time with your partner change over the course of your relationship?

Beginning of a relationship

Your former weekday evening habits are discarded and are replaced by cozy movie nights with a takeout on the couch or even evenings filled with football and sports! Yes it’s true, at the beginning of a relationship we are prepared to make all the sacrifices necessary to keep our partners happy, even where sports are concerned!

A year or so in to a relationship

A year into a relationship, both partners no doubt feel comfortable and will have settled into their routines, meaning that they don’t necessarily spend quite as much time together as in the beginning. This isn’t a bad thing, it doesn’t mean they have fallen out of love or that they are going to break up, it just means that sometimes time apart can be healthy for relationships.

Drop dead gorgeous

Find out how our beauty efforts change in a long-term relationship.

Beginning of a relationship

You’ll spend lots of time in front of the mirror working on your hair and your make-up. You may even max out your credit cards in aid of searching for the perfect LBD! You want to look beautiful and have your partner’s eyes glued to you!

A year or so in to a relationship

After a year of being in a relationship looking beautiful isn’t always a woman’s priority. A year long relationship exposes you to all sorts of trials and tribulations, so eventually wearing your sexiest dress and most expensive perfume is no longer a priority! Out with tight LBDs and in with comfortable loungewear!

Date night

Out with fancy dinners and in with takeouts in front of a movie?

Beginning of a relationship

When you first start dating someone, it’s normal to want to make a good impression and in order to impress our love interests, we dip our hands DEEP into our pockets and suggest going to fancy cocktail and wine bars, that admittedly are ridiculously overpriced! It's as if money is no object!

A year or so in to a relationship

Being in a relationship for a year is a big deal, especially nowadays with dating and meeting new people being so easy! Year long relationships also work wonders for our bank accounts, because let’s face it, a year down the line, we can give up the pretense of being able to afford fancy eateries every night of the week and make way for a good takeout!


Will these changes in the bedroom ring a bell for you?

Beginning of a relationship

Need we say anymore? Most new couples can barely keep their hands off each other at their beginning of their union. Sex seems to be so spontaneous, exciting and fun, so much so that even the neighbors are probably aware of your new relationship status! Are we right or are we right?

A year or so in to a relationship

After a year of being together and really getting to know each other, if you know what we mean, you probably notice that the brakes have been thrown on where sex is concerned. You make love a lot less frequently than in the beginning but now it’s more meaningful and fulfilling!

The cleanliness of your house or apartment

Do you let standards slip as your relationship progresses?

Beginning of a relationship

When you first start dating someone you turn into a clean freak! Yes, everything has to be spotless; no laundry trailing on the floor, the bedsheets need to be fresh, having mounds of washing up is now out of the question and everything must be doused in Febreeze at least 10 times!

A year or so in to a relationship

So a year is a long time, right? Of course it is, so if your partner were to see your pajamas lying on the floor or last weekend’s washing up still hanging around in the kitchen, books that are out of place, or even an empty refrigerator be reassured that they probably won’t head for the hills and run for their lives!

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