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Abusive Relationships: 15 Things Only A Controlling Partner Will Say

Being in a relationship with a controlling partner is really draining and will eventually wreck your self-confidence. But, believe it or not, picking up on signs your partner is controlling and manipulative isn't always as easy as it sounds. Is your partner controlling and manipulative? Check out the top 15 things a controlling partner will say to put you down.

Being with a controlling partner constitutes to being in a toxic relationship. Is your partner controlling and manipulative? Controlling and manipulative partners are really talented when it comes to disguising their true intentions and personalities.

Is my parter controlling and manipulative?

Are you in a toxic relationship with a controlling and overbearing partner? Coming to the conclusion that your partner is a manipulative control freak isn't easy, which is why we're here get into the mind of an abusive partner and reveal exactly the kind of things they'd say.

Critiquing your fashion choices

'I don’t want you going out dressed like that'.

It's a NO from me!

'I don’t want you to go to the new bar opening alone'.

Eager dialer

'Who were you with last night? I called you a hundred times and you didn’t pick up'.

Just bail

'Spend the evening with me, change your plans. You can see your family anytime'.

Dress dilemmas

'Change your dress, it really does nothing for you'.

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Elite hairdresser

'Your hair doesn’t look pretty like that, style it differently'.

Needy Norman

'I missed you last night, I hate it when you go out without me.'

You are mine!

'I want us to spend every evening together'.

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'You better not talk to any other guys tonight!'


'You would have to be really stupid to think that'.

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Disregarding your feelings

'Stop crying, it’s pathetic'.

Disparaging comments

'That’s pointless, don't waste your time on it'.

Demeaning remarks

'Stay out of it and let me handle things'.


'I won't change my mind and I won't listen to your point of view either'.

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Classic manipulation

'You meant the world to me, I couldn't live without you'.

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