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We’re Calling Out The 5 Most Confusing Zodiac Signs

We all know at least one person who by no fault of their own is completely confusing. Astrology has an amazing influence on our personalities and really does make all of the zodiac signs very different and unique. It’s about time we created an astro forecast on the most confusing zodiac signs and to our knowledge; there are 5 stand out candidates. Are you one of the 5 most confusing and cryptic zodiac signs? We reveal all.

We’ve all experienced that feeling of total incomprehension after leaving a work meeting, going on a date or even just going for coffee with a friend. That feeling of complete perplexity is brought on by the 5 most confusing zodiac signs. From not knowing where you stand with someone to being absolutely lost and puzzled by someone’s feelings for you, we’ve all been there! Discover more about the zodiac signs here!

Who are the 5 most confusing zodiac signs?

Some people are just unintentionally unclear and confusing; it’s just a fact of life. We’re about to reveal the 5 most confusing zodiac signs who could literally twist your brain with their baffling words. Being confusing and quite frankly bewildering doesn’t spare anyone, so do you make our list or do you consider yourself to be clear?

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1) Gemini

Gemini is the most perplexing star sign

The Gemini personality is the complete epitome of cryptic! The Gemini zodiac symbol is the twins which implicates two vastly different influences on their personality. Both in matters of love and life, this is one seriously confusing horoscope sign without intending to be one!

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2) Cancer

Cancer can be very hard to follow

Cancer has a solid reputation for being completely indecisive and hard to read. The Cancer personality has a penchant for giving out mixed messages which completely confuse and perplex other people, especially in love and relationships.

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3) Leo

Leo has a very contradictory side

Our Leo friends are very complex characters which is the perfect recipe for total and utter confusion. The Leo personality loves to be the center of attention and having all eyes on them, but hates the thought of being judged. Can you comprehend that?!

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4) Scorpio

Scorpio is the ultimate mystery

When it comes to mysteriousness, the Scorpio personality definitely has us covered. Scorpio loves holding their cards close to their chest and hates giving things away easily. If you want to get to know a Scorpio on a deeper level, you’ll really have you work cut out for you. Creating confusion is a game for this zodiac sign.

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5) Sagittarius

Sagittarius may as well communicate in Morse code  

The Sagittarius personality is completely laid-back and cool, which only increases how confusing they are! Sagittarius is a huge chatterbox, but the funny thing is you can talk to them for hours and not understand a single thing. That’s without mentioning how confusing and cryptic they are about their feelings in love!

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