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How To Survive Your Awkward Office Christmas Party

Ah, the office Christmas party. It’s the same every year: you either get way too drunk or spend the night stuck talking to your boss, nervously sipping on your cocktail. Either way, it's just totally awkward, right? But this year can be different! Follow our survival guide to mastering the art of the office party, and you’ll end 2017 with both your career and dignity intact!

The Office Christmas Party: A Survival Guide

From awkward conversations with your boss to overindulging on the free bar, the office Christmas party can be a recipe for disaster! That's why we've compiled the ultimate survival guide to help you through this tricky time! 

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News Flash! You’re An Annoying Colleague If…

Don’t talk about work

You spend all year talking about boring stats and figures with these people, so take this chance to talk about something more interesting! Without getting too personal of course, ask about your colleagues’ lives outside of the office. You'll be surprised what you'll find out! 

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Have conversation topics ready

There’s nothing worse than ending up stuck with John from finance with nothing to talk about but the weather. So have some relevant topics up your sleeve to break the awkwardness.

Talk to new people

It can be easy to just stick to the people in your team when it comes to socializing. But try to branch out and speak to other people in the company!

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Go easy on the drinks

Free champagne? It’d be rude not to! Plus, it makes you more confident! As tempting as it is, don’t get so drunk that you make a fool of yourself, especially in front of your boss!

Don’t do anything you’ll regret…

After a few drinks you might think it’s a good idea to hook up with the guy across the office you’ve got a crush on. Well guess what? It isn’t!

Dress to impress

If you normally have to wear formal workwear in your office, now is the time to show your true style! Don’t go overboard, but the most of the chance to wear something glittery or different to what you wear day in, day out.

Bring a gift

A good way to break the ice is to offer a bottle of something or some food to the party. You’ll be in everyone’s good books straight away!

Don’t bring unwanted guests

You may think it’d be nice to bring your BF along to the party, but if you don’t ask beforehand, this can be super awkward for everyone! Plus, it might be nice to have this time to socialize with your colleagues alone, without your partner trailing behind you.

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Eat the canapés!

Everyone else might be politely declining the smoked salmon and cocktail sausages that are going around, but don’t be afraid to indulge! After all, they’re free and will line your stomach for all that punch!

Know when to go home!

Even if you’ve ended up really enjoying yourself after following these tips, don’t overdo it! Get the hints when people are making their excuses and starting to wrap things up!

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