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15 Ways To Celebrate Your Friendship Anniversary

Before you say anything, we know that anniversaries are traditionally reserved for loved-up, happy couples, but we think it’s time that changed! Celebrating beautiful, strong and real friendships is a must, so what are you waiting for? Here’s how to let your BFF know they’re loved after so many years of friendship! Celebrate your friendship anniversary the right way!

Real friendships are rare nowadays, so if you have a best friend that has always been there for you, let them know how loved they are by following our awesome appreciation ideas.

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What kind of friend are you?

Crack open a bottle, let’s celebrate friendship!

Plan a special day out

Contact your best friend and arrange for someone to cover the childcare to really treat her! Turn up to her place and whisk her away for a day full of relaxation, pampering and girly chit chat. The goal is to really let your hair down and relax, so why not head to the nail salon?

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Pen your gratitude

Friendship is such a beautiful thing and is often overlooked because of our social media and our busy lives. Get back to basics and go a little old-school and write your best friend a heartfelt letter about how much you appreciate them.

Create a photo album

Hire a photographer and act like supermodels for the day, make Naomi and Kate jealous and be fabulous. Organize a sassy shoot with your best friend and create an amazing souvenir you’ll both cherish forever.

Cookie o’clock!

Put your chef’s hat on and bake some delicious cookies for your best friend, after all, nothing says ‘I appreciate you’ more than yummy choc chip cookies! It’s a simple gesture but a significant one all the same.

Organize a picnic

Get the whole gang together and head to the park loaded with delicious snacks for a day packed with fun. Organizing a picnic is the best way to catch up with those friends you haven’t seen in a while and, even more of a bonus, you can even bring the kids along!

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We’re all guilty of making a few hundred friendship bracelets when we were little, so why not start again? A quirky, homemade friendship bracelet, will really show just how much effort you’ll go to for your BFF and hey, perhaps your bracelet making skills will have improved a little!

Lights, camera, action

Having a best friend means you have the right to embarrass them from time to time, right?! So, seize the opportunity and create a short video montage of you both looking your finest or not and surprise her with it. This idea really guarantees some serious giggles.

Simplicity is the way forward

Don’t overdo anything and get too fancy, after all, all your best friend wants to know is that you are there for them. Treat your best friend to some good coffee, perhaps a muffin too and just head to a café for a chat.

Get in some downtime

Give your BFF the opportunity to relax and forget about their responsibilities for the day. Modern life means we’re always juggling between our families, our jobs and a hundred other things, so take your BFF to a yoga class and get a little zen!

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Movie night

How long has it been since you haven’t had a good movie night and eaten way too much popcorn with your BFF? Throw yourself back to your teen years and organize a slumber party with your best friend, plenty of romcoms, snacks and mani pedi sets.

Sing your heart out

Get a little crazy and make your dream of becoming a rock star come true, or sort of!… Head to a karaoke bar with your best friend, lock in a killer duet and sing your hearts out! Give it your all and let loose.

Become Naomi and Kate

Hire a photographer and act like supermodels for the day, make Naomi and Kate jealous and be fabulous. Organize a sassy shoot with your best friend and create an amazing souvenir you’ll both cherish forever.

Trip down memory lane

If your best friend has been by your side since you were little, why not take a trip down memory to the place where you first met and where it all began? The nostalgia will certainly run high when all the memories come flooding back.

Go on vacation together

Follow the sunshine and head to a gorgeous, Instagram worthy beach getaway with your BFF. Make sure relaxation, tanning, cocktails and enjoy each other’s company are high on the TO-DO list and you’ll have the best time.

Learn together

Learning a new skill and taking a class really will be you closer and show you how much you can achieve by working together. Sign up to strengthen our friendship and make some more fabulous memories.

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