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15 Simple But Sweet Ways To Make Someone Smile From Ear To Ear

From surprise gifts to simply saying hi, there are little things we can all do to make the world a happier place. It may seem like nothing for you, but these little gestures can really brighten someone’s entire day. Plus, you’ll feel good about yourself too! Here’s 15 easy ways that are sure to put a smile on someone's face!

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In our stressful world, we can often forget to help out those around us. But now you've got no excuses! Here's 15 super easy ways you can make someone's day. So what are you waiting for?

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Your Recipe For Happiness

Smile and say hello to strangers

This is by far the easiest way to make a stranger's day. Whenever you catch someone’s eye walking down the street, don’t look down and scurry along, smile and say hi!

Bake for your friends

Everyone knows that food (especially cookies) can drastically improve anyone's day. Surprise your colleagues or family with a box of homemade treats or even just a bag of candy and you'll just feel the good energy rising!

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Ask how someone is really doing

How many times do we go through the ‘how are you?’ spiel but not actually listen to how the other person is feeling? Ask them more specific details about their life, and you might find that they’ve just been dying to get something off their chest or talk to someone about a problem.

Give to the homeless

It seems obvious, but just a few cents, a sandwich or even a smile and a chat to a homeless person will mean the world to them.

Message an old friend

It doesn’t take much effort to pick up the phone and drop a quick text to a friend you haven’t spoken to for years. We can guarantee that their face will light up when they receive the message!

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Dish out compliments

Whether it’s a stranger or someone you know, it’s so easy to complement their outfit or notice their new haircut. It will really boost their self-confidence!

Give someone a gift for no reason

You don’t have to wait for birthdays or Christmas to buy someone a present. They will be so flattered that you’ve thought of them enough to buy them something out of the blue.

Give up your seat to someone on public transport

See someone struggling with their bags on the bus? See an old lady standing on the train? Offer them your seat and you’ll significantly improve their day!

Hold open the door or elevator for someone

When you’re rushing around, it can be easy not to notice others around you. Make a point checking if anyone is behind you, or if you see someone rushing for the elevator, keep it open for them!

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Surprise your partner

Know your partner’s had a hard day at work? Have dinner on the table for when they get in! It’s the little things that will really brighten their day.

Talk to someone who looks lonely

There’s nothing worse than being at a party and not knowing anyone. So go up and talk to them! Or go and help that person who looks lost in your town.

Spread the love online

Social media can sometimes be a toxic place, so let’s make it more positive! Share that article your friend wrote, comment nice things on their photos…you can make someone’s day just from your smartphone!

Lend a hand

It doesn’t just have to be the old cliché of helping an old lady cross the road. See someone struggling to carry their shopping? Go and give them a hand! Notice a confused girl trying to figure out the subway map? Go and help!

Leave nice notes/positive quotes around

It sounds cheesy, but wouldn't it make your day if you were greeted with a positive post-it note on your desk when you got to work in the morning?

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Say thank you to someone you haven’t before

Never thanked that teacher for helping you graduate, or that friend for helping you through a hard time? Now is the time to show them how grateful you are!

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