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How To Make Your Breakup Easier On The Kids

Seeing mum and dad go through a breakup is undoubtedly heartbreaking for any child, and can have a huge effect on their life. And that’s not to mention how tough it is for you too! That's why we’ve compiled 10 expert tips for how you can help your kids cope with the split.

Helping your kids cope with your breakup

When you have children, breaking up with your partner gets ten times harder, especially when the guy is their dad. But don’t worry, follow these 10 pieces of advice to help support your kids through such a hard time.

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How To Get Over A Breakup

They don’t have to choose between you

It’s important that you assure your child that they don’t have to choose between mum and dad; they’ll still see you both equally.

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Don’t give them any big decisions

Don’t ask your child to decide important things like who they want to live with as this puts huge pressure on them!

Daddy isn’t gone forever!

Explain that although you might not live together anymore, they’ll still be able to see both of them just as much as before.

Remind them that they can’t change things

A child’s first instinct might be to try and get mum and dad back together again. So be firm with them and tell them that this is final and the way things are now.

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Don’t let them get caught up in arguments

There’s nothing worse than your child being caught in the middle of a shouting match. Save the heated discussions for when you’re both alone.

Stay positive

Even if you feel like constantly crying, try to put on a brave face for your kids.

But let them feel their emotions

Let your child know that it’s totally normal and ok to feel sad! Encourage them to be open about their emotions!

Don’t speak badly about the other parent in from of them

This will only increase the tension and upset them further!

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Try to keep a sense of normality

When everything’s changing around them, keeping as many things normal as possible will really help them. Keep those after-school rituals going, or make sure they keep going to their weekly soccer class.

Bring in the help of other relatives

Don’t be afraid to use the support of the grandparents, aunties, uncles etc. to help take the load off you sometimes.

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