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Ladies, Guys Will Break Up With You For These Reasons

We wanted to know exactly why guys would break up with their girlfriends, so we decided to get out there and ask 30 thirtysomethings what exactly would make them break things off. We’ve all heard some ridiculous reasons for breakups over the years, but how do these ones measure up? Are they valid?

Couples break up for all sorts of reasons, here's the proof.

Reasons guys will break up with you

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‘Cheating really is the ultimate betrayal for me and I just couldn’t move on from it’. – Jacob, 38.

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Being shady

‘Not being open about where my girlfriend was and who with would make me put an end to things. Trust is everything and I like to know what’s going on’. – Michael, 36.

Too much partying

‘If I was dating a total party animal, I just couldn’t deal. For me, there is so much more to life than going out every night’. – Joshua, 37.

Not wanting to spend time with me

‘I don’t want to come across as needy, but spending as much time as possible with my partner is really important. I couldn’t just see my girlfriend once or twice a week’. – Matthew, 35.

Family affair

‘I’m from a big family and we love to hang out all the time. If my girlfriend didn’t get on with them, I’d end things right away.’ – Chris, 30.

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Not liking my dog

‘My dog literally is the love of my life, so if my partner didn’t like him, then things would be over with us pretty quickly.’ – Ethan, 30.

No ambition

‘Being ambitious is really sexy to me, so if I was with a girl who had no goals, I would lose interest really fast’. – Chris, 31.

Bad personal hygiene

Bad breath, unclean clothes and bad body odor would really turn me off and make me leave’. – Tyler, 34.


‘I love being active and getting outdoors, I couldn’t be with a total couch potato, I would just get so bored!’ – Alex, 38.

Not liking my friends

‘My buddies are really important to me, they’ve always been there for me, so anyone who didn’t get like them wouldn’t be for me!’ – David, 33.

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Taking too long to get ready

‘I’m all for girls wanting to look good, but I couldn’t deal with my girlfriend taking 4 hours to get ready before going anywhere.’ – Ryan, 31.

Commitment phobe

‘If the girl I was dating didn’t want to make things official and continued dating other people, I’d end things straight away’. – David, 36.

Not working out

‘This may sound shallow but, I just couldn’t be with someone who wasn’t as passionate about sport as me’. – James, 32.

Phone addict

‘Dating a girl that was constantly on her phone would be a very short-lived relationship for me. What happened to actual talking?’. – Brandon, 39.

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Not putting me first

‘Relationships are about putting your partner first and making them a really important part of your life. If my partner can’t put me first, then our relationship won’t be long term.’ – Justin, 32.

Being too superficial

‘Being superficial to the point where things become tedious and boring would make me end things with a girlfriend. I need someone fun who doesn’t worry about their appearance 24/7’. – Angel, 38.

Irresponsible spending

‘I have no problem with people enjoying themselves with their credit cards from time to time, but when spending way too much money irresponsibly is not attractive to me’. – Evan, 30.


‘Relationships are supposed to be fun and although disagreements can crop up, I couldn’t deal with fighting with someone all the time! Too many fights would signal the end for me’. – Nathan, 39.

Too flirty

‘I get that some people are naturally bubbly and flirty, but being flirty to make me jealous is a big no-no for me’. – Caleb, 39.

Dressing too provocatively

‘Every guy wants their girlfriend to look hot, but the catch is she shouldn’t look too sexy to the point other dudes are drooling over her. Dressing too sexily would make me end the relationship’. – Jon, 32.

Being too loud

‘Being fun and wanting to have a good time is great, but trying to always be the center of attention just isn’t a quality I want in a girlfriend’. – Thomas, 38.

Dirty apartment

‘I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a clean freak, which is why I just couldn’t date a girl who was messy and didn’t care about house chores’. – Jesse, 31.

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Bad cooking skills

‘I’m not the best cook but I love food, so I need to be with someone who knows their way around a kitchen. Anything less would mean I’d probably starve’. – Robert, 30.

Being too closed off

‘Being shy is cute and endearing, but if a girl can’t open up to me after a few months of dating, then our relationship just won’t progress’. – Jacob, 35.


‘Girls that are open to trying new things are super sexy to me. Even if I was dating a supermodel, if she was closed-minded I would end things right away, those girls just aren’t for me’. – Xavier, 31.

Too eager

‘Rushing to put a label on things and to become official would make me want to end things. I like to let things progress naturally’. – Cody, 38.

Holding back

‘I couldn’t be in a relationship where I felt like my partner was holding back and not being the real them’. – Richard, 33.

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‘I need a spontaneous girl who is up for going on adventures and getting a little crazy. Anything less just won’t work for me’. – Dominic, 34.

Not being a perfect fit

‘This will sound shallow but I really want someone who is totally perfect for me. I want to meet my soulmate and won’t date anyone I’m not compatible with’. – David, 34.

Bad fashion

Bad fashion sense would make me want to breakup with someone. I know it’s really shallow but it’s the truth!’. – Blake, 31.

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