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Your Boyfriend Says He ‘Needs Space? Here’s How Not To Freak Out!

So things are going well in your relationship and then suddenly- he says he needs ‘space’ apart from you. This can leave you shocked, confused and let’s face it, freaking out! But don’t worry; most of the time when guys ask for a break, they just need a bit of time to think things through. So here’s how to deal with those dreaded words…

So he says he needs space...

It’s easy to drive yourself crazy with doubt when you’re on a ‘break’ with your partner. But here’s how to stay calm and actually make the most of your time apart.

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Actually give him space!

The worst thing you can do in this situation is ignore his what he wants and refuse to give him space. Respect his decision!

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Don’t fight it

Although you may obviously want to ask him if that’s really what he wants and figure out why, don’t try to convince him to just carry on if he clearly needs time to figure things out.

Step away from the phone!

Don’t bombard him with texts and phone calls or stalk him on social media. He needs the space for a reason, so let him have it!

Time to assess the relationship

Once you’ve accepted that he needs space, use the time to reflect on your relationship and think about why he might need time apart for a while.

But realize it might not be your fault

Although his reason might be to do with problems in the relationship, a lot of the time, guys may need time out for their own personal reasons. Don’t take it personally!

Use the time to focus on yourself

Seize the opportunity apart from your BF to focus on you and you only! Pick up those hobbies you’d neglected or get in touch with some old girlfriends!

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Think about what YOU want

You can use this time to take a step back and think about your own feelings towards the relationship. Who knows, maybe you needed the break too?

Think about the long-term

At the time, being apart from your man may seem like hell. But try instead to focus on the future and how it will actually benefit your relationship in the long run.

Realize that it’s just a break, not the end

Although a break may feel like a lifetime, you need to remember that it’s (hopefully) not forever!

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But don’t get carried away…

Set yourselves a time limit for when the ‘break’ has to stop and you decide on the future of your relationship. After all, a girl can’t wait around forever!

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