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Ways Waiting To Get Intimate Can Boost A New Relationship

There is no right or wrong time to introduce intimacy to a new relationship, but holding off for a while could really be beneficial for your relationship. Check out just why keeping sex off the menu can actually be a good thing. Trust us, the wait will be worth it!

'How long into a relationship should you sleep together?' or 'how long do I have to wait?' are questions we always ask ourselves new relationships. Waiting a while before having sex with your partner will help build a better and stronger relationship.

Why you should hold off on intimacy

Resisting the temptation may be hard, but it will be totally worth it. Find out why!

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Exciting buildup

Keeping sex of the menu in a new relationship is a real excitement builder. When the big moment finally comes, you won’t be able to hold yourself back and your hands will be EVERYWHERE!

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Stronger connection

Not jumping into bed on the first night will allow you to build a really strong connection with your new partner. Waiting will also give you a better idea of where they see things going and if they are serious about you.

More comfortable

Sex can at times be a little nerve-wracking, especially if you really like someone. The good news is, the more you get to know your new man, the more comfortable you’ll feel around him and the more you’ll enjoy yourself.

Seduction game

Just because you are saving intimacy for dessert doesn’t mean you can’t fool around in other ways. Sending each other sexy text messages will definitely give you the daily pickup you need. Holding off on sex will boost your seduction powers.

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Confirmed feelings

Waiting to get intimate will give you the time you need to confirm your feelings for your new partner.

Mutual respect

Holding off on sex is a great way for new couples to build mutual respect. Respecting your bodies is a surefire way to ensure fireworks in the bedroom.

Emotionally ready

To have great sex, you need to be emotionally ready and, to be emotionally ready, you sometimes need time.

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Intense passion

If you wait to get intimate with your new partner, the simmering passion will build up over time and then create a deep sexual connection between you.

Being sure

Waiting to get intimate with your new partner will give you the time you need to be sure about your feelings.

Expectations are daunting

Societal expectations towards sex can be really intimidating, which is why holding off on rushing to bed will ensure you are way more comfortable when the time comes.

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Strong foundation

Studies have found that not adding sex right away to your new relationship actually creates a stronger foundation in the long run.

Trust builder

Not adding sex to the equation is a great trust builder and speaks volumes about someone’s personality and future intentions.

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