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20 Divorcees Talk Of Their Regrets About Staying Married For So Long

Ready to talk about a subject that never ever gets evoked? When a marriage ends in divorce, we typically jump to the conclusion that both partners will be racked with tons of guilt about how they should have worked harder on things. But, that’s not necessarily true, some divorcees are happier than ever to be out of their marriages! Discover what these divorcees regret about staying married.

Divorce triggers a whole spectrum of emotions and not necessarily always sadness. Check out what 20 recent divorcees regret most about remaining in their marriages.

Marriage regrets...

Everyone experiences marriage and divorce differently, so you'll definitely be in for a surprise when you check out the biggest marriage regrets of 20 recents divorcees.

Not getting out sooner

‘What I’m about to say may make me seem like a bitter and nasty person, but here goes anyway, my biggest regret is staying married to my ex and putting up with his problems for over 10 years’. – Cathy, 40.

Cutting off my friends and family

‘My biggest regret about my marriage is that I cut off my friends and family to make my husband happy. Now that I’m finally single I get really sad thinking about how much I isolated myself’. – Tina, 45.

Giving up my dreams

‘When I first got married, I had dreams of going back to school and finishing off my education, but unfortunately I forgot about them to concentrate on my marriage and home life’. – Naomi, 38.

Putting him first

‘Every decision I ever made in the 8 years I was married revolved around making my husband happy, when really I should have concentrated on my own happiness and listened to my heart’. – Coralie, 37.

Not listening to my entourage

‘My friends and family always said that my ex-partner wasn’t the one for me and I never listened to them. Love totally blinded me, if I could go back in time, I would listen to my loved-ones’. – Kirsty, 43.

Not trusting my instincts

‘My gut was always telling me not to totally trust my ex and believe all the dumb excuses he used to feed me, but I just didn’t have the strength to challenge him on it and walk away’. – Sarah, 46.

Getting married so young

I got married when I was 20 to my first real boyfriend and thought we would be together forever, our relationship lasted over 10 years but the bitterness of being tied down since such a young age pushed us apart’. – Luisa, 31.

Making an effort with my in-laws

‘My mother-in-law never liked me and I used to go to so much effort to try and change her mind so she would accept me. Looking back now, I shouldn’t have bothered trying to make her like me so much’. – Christina, 40.

Giving up everything for him

I gave up my home, job, friends and moved half the way across the country for my ex-husband and what did I get in return? An uncommitted and lazy husband’. – Olivia, 34.

Not fighting harder

‘I wish I had fought harder to save my marriage and had listened to the warning signs that were there. I regret not trying as hard as I should have’. – Lucy, 36.

Flirty behavior

‘My ex-husband was really jealous and I used to love playing with his emotions, which eventually drove him away. Looking back, I should have been more understanding of him and cut out the games’. – Lauren, 40.

Being a closed book

‘I was only married to my ex for 2 years. We always used to fight about the same things, he used to say that I would never really let him in and that he didn’t feel like I loved him. I guess my standoffish behavior pushed him away; I wish I could have been more open’. – Carla, 37.


‘I was so head over heels in love with my ex-husband, that I forgave everything he ever did, including cheating on me! Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and walked away, but I wished I had done it right away!’ – Tia, 35.

Getting married too quickly

‘I immediately knew I wanted to marry my ex-husband; we were both totally crazy about each other and we probably did just rush into things too fast. I always wonder if we had waited a little longer whether we would still be together today’. – Lea, 36.


‘When I think back on my marriage, what really stands out for me as one of my biggest regrets, is how much of myself I compromised by trying to make other people happy’. – Claire, 41.

Blaming myself

‘When we used to fight, I would always blame myself and beat myself up about things, when in reality I hadn’t done anything wrong’. – Marissa, 48.

Crying so much

‘I just can’t believe how many tears I wasted crying over my ex-husband’. – Katy, 36.

Walking down the aisle

‘I actually regret saying yes to his proposal and getting married to him. If only I had said no, I would have saved myself a whole lot of heartbreak’. – Allison, 42.


‘Thinking back to when I was married, I realize that I lost a part of myself by trying to be someone else. Doing everything to make my ex happy ended up making me unhappy’. – Courtney, 41.

Being naive

‘I regret believing things would work out between us and that he would be my happily ever after’. – Kaylie, 40.

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