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Your Favourite Netflix Series According To Your Zodiac Sign

In the internet age of streaming, there’s little debate that Netflix reigns supreme when it comes to movies and series. This streaming powerhouse is now a household name across the world, with a large library of films and movies available. Sometimes it can feel like there are so many movies to pick from that you don’t know where to start, right? Well worry no longer, we’ve found your perfect series based off your zodiac sign!

After using Netflix for a while, people often struggle finding the next series which will capture their imagination and occupy their free time. While this can be a blessing in disguise telling you to get out of the house, it can also be a massive headache if you just want to settle down in front of your TV for the day.

Netflix series: The best one for your zodiac sign

It should go without saying that our film preferences depend on our personality which, of course, is heavily influenced by our zodiacs sign's personality traits. Harnessing the knowledge of the stars, we’ve decided to simplify the process of picking a series by matching each zodiac to its ideal Netflix series. While watching any of these great series won’t help you reach your zodiac life goal, they should certainly capture your attention for a couple of weeks!

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Daredevil (Marvel shows)

The Netflix Marvel shows are the perfect binge-able series for an Aries to get their teeth stuck into. The action and dynamism of the heros and heroines matches the impulsivity of the zodiac and allows Aries individuals to somewhat live vicariously through characters like Luke Cage, Daredevil and Jessica Jones.



This New York focused series is ideal for a Taurus looking to binge-watch a classic the comfort of their sofa. James St. Patrick, the show’s protagonist, is an ambitious but stubborn man who runs both a night club and a drug cartel. Like Taurus, St. Patrick is calculated and hard-working but his uncompromising and manipulative zodiac sign nature risks becoming his Achilles heel and destablising his empie.


Orange Is The New Black

When watching Orange Is the New Black, Geminis will wish that they were part of the cast, even though it’s set in prison. The Netflix Original show’s diverse cast not only allows for humorous cultural references but also helps to casually introduce storylines pertinent to current societal issues. This show is perfect for the curious and extroverted zodiac personality of the Gemini Zodiac.



Friends doesn’t really need any introduction, does it? This legendary American sitcom is everyone’s favorite series to binge-watch when you don’t know what to put on. While the show isn’t revolutionary by any means, its highly relatable cast, memorable settings and light humor make the show such an easy watch. Cancer will love the familiarity of each episode and the romantic twists and turns that happen over the seasons.


Love Island

The hit British Summertime reality show which seems to capture the hearts across the United Kingdom, Love Island is the show for those born under Leo. Despite being known as the proudest zodiac sign, Leos will likely meet their match as the cast typically consists of beautiful young people with big personalities and even bigger egos. It might sound ridiculous but trust me, it has a certain allure which brings you back.



You need to be analytical and intelligent to become a lawyer, two traits Virgo most certainly possess. Suits manages to make what could’ve been a slow and jargon-heavy storyline into a dramatic and romantic modern-day icon. The witty one-two between Harvey and Mike, along with their moments of intellectual ingenuity, will excite Virgos without a doubt.


American Vandal

While the plot of a student investigation into a school vandalism consisting of spray-painted phalluses may put you off at first glance, give this a chanceThe way the series manipulates dramatic climaxes and audience expectations, along with its highly satirical and intelligent humor, makes it an engrossing and highly binge-able watch. The mockumentary’s unbiased exploration of all possible perpetrators will please Libras and takes the pressure off them to come to early conclusions.



Anyone whose seen Narcos will know that the hype is justified. The show follows the life of the infamous Pablo Escobar and documents his rise in power and influence, mostly from the DEA’s perspective. Escobar seems to embody the Scorpio personality, showing himself to be intelligent and ambitious but equally as manipulative and distrusting. Scorpios will feel every emotion when watching this biographical thriller.


Rick and Morty

This adult animation is a comedy about a dysfunctional American family, headed by the genius but amoral Rick. The show focuses on the interdimensional, time-travelling adventures of Rick and his grandson Morty. This black comedy, dense with satire, is perfect for this laid-back zodiac who will relish seeing the freedom with which the duo moves through time and space.


Breaking Bad

Arguably one of the most renowned series of all time on Netflix, Breaking Bad is perfect for any Capricorn who is yet to watch it. Walter White’s transformation from chemistry teacher to drug cartel boss is a contemporary epic. The six seasons may appear daunting, but Capricorn most definitely has the dedication and self-resilience to see it through to its explosive final seasons.



Netflix’s 2018 release Maniac focuses on two mentally-ill individuals pushed to the margins of a dystopian society. The psychological drama takes a quasi-romantic twist as the two protagonists begin to find each other in every paradigm they enter. For the often-misunderstood Aquarius, the central characters portray well some of the complexities of the zodiac sign.


Blue Planet

Pisces’ ideal Netflix series is the British nature documentary Blue Planet, which give us a rare insight into what lurks among the deep blue. The degree of precision and patience put into the show’s production and commentary is breathtaking. With Pisces’ preference for visually-immersive media and its natural affinity with water, Blue Planet is the perfect fit this zodiac.


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