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50 Must Know Beach Bum Tips

The ultimate guide to everything you must have for a full-day on the beach. Come prepared or go home!

Ready...to... go

Here's the list with all your beach essentials. 

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Wear white

What better way to stay cool and emphasize your tan? Avoid dark colors on the beach that soak up extra sun rays.

Bring a straw hat

There are so many cute straw hats available to shield your eyes! And let’s face it, beige goes with everything!


It’s pretty much a fact that PB&Js are better on the beach. Pack a mix of turkey and ham in the cooler to share with everyone.

SPF 70 & 30

The stronger SPF is good for your back, arms, and legs, while the lower SPF is great for the face because it’s light and you’ll remember to reapply more often!


Channel your inner boho with feather earrings and braided bracelets!

Selfie stick

Squinty eyes and sandy hands aren’t ideal when handling your selfie business, so pack the selfie stick to make the memories last!

Hair ties

We recommend packing more than you think you’ll need, because someone definitely forgot one and you don’t want your hair in your face when it’s windy!


If you aren’t feeling a pony tail, braid your hair to create flawless beach waves for after the beach!


The salt dries out lips, and since you’ll be on the beach you’ll want to pick up a lip balm with SPF! Better safe than sorry.

Infused water

Bring a giant water bottle filled with ice, cucumber, lemon, and mint to stay hydrated while you’re tanning all day.


Seashells and our hands work okay for building sandcastles, but come prepared to bury someone quickly with a plastic shovel!

Bluetooth radio/music player

This is one NOT to forget. You’re going to be on the beach for awhile, so bring your tunes. Just make sure everything is charged.


Create your own oasis with 3 or more umbrellas for the kids when the sun gets too fierce.

Red solo cups

Some beaches have strict open container laws, so pour your alcohol in red solo cups for discretion!

Surf/boogie boards

The thrill of catching that one wave cannot be overstated!

Natural makeup

Think shimmery pink/orange blushes with SPF if you’re going to wear makeup, but going bare-faced may be better to avoid clogged pores!

Beach dresses

One of the best parts of summer! With a beach dress you can go from the sand to the dance floor in no effort at all.


Burned feet are never fun, so show up wearing your cutest sandals!


Your straw hat isn’t going to be enough, and that feeling when you know you forgot your shades is avoidable if you pack ahead!

Beach bag

How else are you going to carry everything? Check out all the adorable choices that have when you’re out buying new sandals and shades.


A handful here or there...granola will keep your energy up and it’s a quick snack to pack!


Be careful not to drift too far out! If you’re looking to float peacefully, think about a giant turtle or a flip-flop inflatable!

Juice boxes

The kids will be thirsty, but so will you! They’re the perfect size for quick sipping!


See if there are slushie stands around the area! Chances are you’re in a beach town, and slushies are perfect for cooling down!

Movie on the beach

A lot of beaches show movies after the sun goes down on huge blow-up movie screens. Being under the stars is a bonus too!


For those with exceptionally dry/curly hair, pack your conditioner in the cooler to keep those locks hydrated!


You won’t want to miss it when someone shouts “dolphin!” or better yet… “shark!” (let’s hope not).

A captivating book

The beach is THE place to delve into that best-seller everyone is talking about!

Colorful towels

For wiping sandy hands, but also for lounging in the sun and a backdrop for your next profile picture!

Coconut bras

You can’t wear these anywhere else, so take advantage of the freedom at the beach to wear a coconut bra!

Bright nail polish

Neon pink and yellow will complement your tan and also make you stick out!

Running shoes

For the athletic, buy a pair of lightweight sneakers that won’t trap sand in the soles!


Bringing your dog is always a good time for them to socialize with other friends on the beach, play catch, and jump in the waves!


Attach a rack on the back of your car to bring the bikes so that you can cruise down the shore just when the sun starts to disappear...


To keep the hair out of your eyes, for sure, but consider sliding the bandana in the cooler to chill your forehead in the middle of the day!


Beach games never get old, and this is also a great way to meet new people! Get a team together and compete with friends!

T-shirt dresses

This is a sporty look that you can even wear for wading in the water!


You might catch some sea life and find hidden seashells!

Waterproof mascara

A MUST for the beach! If you insist on wearing mascara, make sure it’s waterproof before it’s too late! No one wants black smears or eye irritation on the beach.

One-piece suits

Looking to work on the tan on your legs? A one-piece is the way to go.

Two-piece suits

Every body type can rock a two-piece! And with so many different styles, you’re going to turn heads because of your confidence!

Food trucks

Who wouldn’t want a food truck taco or hamburger on the beach?


Now is the time to rock the tie-dye! Get into the summer vibe with tie-dye tanks and tees!


Make sure it’s big enough for everything that’s already been mentioned, as well as plenty of extra water bottles.

Potato chips

Don’t we all just feel hungrier near the ocean?

Trash bags

Don’t leave your trash behind for it to wash away in the ocean! Prepare ahead for ecological reasons!

Hand sanitizer

That sandy feeling can be annoying, so pack a mini hand sanitizer to keep hands clean before lunch!

Extra beach chairs

No one wants to have a back ache from laying on the sand, especially Grandma!


This really is the beach bum’s hack for hauling everything from the car onto the beach.

Pack a Tent

And finally, whether it’s romantic or just to keep covered from the sun, tents on the beach are awesome and private!

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