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15 Undeniable Reasons We Can’t Resist Bad Boys

Slicked back hair teamed with the classic black leather jacket, cool jeans and an amazingly carefree attitude is most probably the image we all have of the ultimate Hollywood bad boy. No matter how old we are, nothing seems to change, we just can’t resist a bad boy and here’s why!

Bad boys are so irresistible but why exactly? We reveal all, here!

Bad boys!

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Bad boy are irresistible



Ladies, we all love a bit of mysteriousness in a guy, right? The truth is, we find it super exciting never being totally sure of what our man’s next move is.

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Adrenaline rush

Dating a bad boy is exciting and full of exhilarating surprises you just wouldn’t experience with a normal guy.

Serious attraction

There’s just something about bad boys that draws us in and makes us go crazy for them. Perhaps it’s their carefree, sexy attitude that we find irresistible.

Boost your rebellious side

Dating a bad boy that you know everyone would certainly disapprove of, including your parents gives us a real kick of excitement.


Wanting to be the one who changes a bad boy and makes him want to settle down and live happily ever after is a tempting challenge.

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Confidence boost

Being with a total bad boy will do amazing things for your confidence and self-esteem. The guy who was always out of reach is now yours!

He’s broken

Deep down, bad boys are vulnerable and looking for love, their rebel exterior is just a façade, which by the way, is really attractive!

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In love with the idea

Dating a bad boy is the stuff of classic Hollywood movies that every girl wants to experience.


Trust us, you’ll never be bored with a classic bad boy by your side, spontaneity is what they know best!


Dating a carefree guy who is totally not mainstream is a real breath of fresh air and will be different to every other guy you’ve ever dated.

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Amazing charm

Bad boys wouldn’t be bad boys without their amazing charm and impressive swagger.

Risk takers

Being with one of life’s rebels will show you just how exciting and fun things can actually be and hey, it may even encourage you to take some more risks.

Perfect fling

Bad boys are the best solution if you want to find someone to have some serious fun with. Non-serious flings are their specialties.

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Growing up, we no doubt all dreamed of running off into the sunset with the seriously gorgeous bad boy!

You know what you’re getting

Dating a typical bad boy means you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

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