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25 Awesome Parent Tips for Getting the Kids Back into School Mode

The end of August means transitioning from no bedtime back to some semblance of a routine. Here’s how to gradually get your kids ready for school without hearing any complaints!

Beat the back to school blues

The end of August means transitioning from no bedtime back to some semblance of a routine. 

Shop early

Pick up school supplies all throughout the summer when you see them on sale.

Gradually change the sleeping schedule

Ease your kids into a new routine. It helps if they are ready for the first night before the first day of school in advance.

Stock the fridge for the week

Think about using to-go containers to organize and save time when planning meals.

Make more time for breakfast

As they say, it’s the most important meal of the day and your kid won’t have to fight those mid-morning hunger pains.

Turn off electronics at a set hour

Tablets and smart phones are keeping your kid awake late at night!

Keep them organized

Tell them that their school stuff has a designated place.

Be excited for them

The more excited you act, the more likely they will be too.

Have an emergency backpack stash

It might be an extra pair of undies or a package of wet wipes. Just put a little baggy in their backpack for emergencies.

After school activities are a life-saver

Keeping your kids busy is the first step to getting their bodies and minds in school mode. They need to stay active!

Make the morning routine a race

Try and see if they can beat a set time for morning routines!

Stay in touch with the teacher

Don’t let your kid feel anxious about a new teacher! Stay in touch!

Lay out clothes the night before

Even in the summer months, the routine will be easy for your kid to remember when school starts again. If not, you'll have a nightmare to deal with. 

Keep their brains busy

Summer setbacks often occur when kids aren’t stimulated when school is out.

Turn chores into fun

Play games and really give your kids positive feedback for helping out around the house. They’ll be more likely to do it on their own!

Ask them how things are going

Open communication always keeps things good in the family.

Don’t coddle them

Being a helicopter parent is the first step to making your kid hate school.

Reward and punish when it's called for

Praise your child when they've done something without having been asked, but also be stern when it comes to setting rules. No one wants a disobedient child on the first day of school. 

Pack foods they can eat hours later

Make their lunches fun! And don’t pack foods that will spoil or get soggy!

Water bottles

Stow a water bottle in your child’s backpack to remind them to drink water all day.

Set the clock earlier

It will fool you and your child! You’ll be ahead of schedule!

Know their friends

Again, keep communication open so everyone is on the same page.

Tell them about your day

It’s often all about the children. Find a way for them to engage with you about your work or hobbies.

Plan future events

Give the kids things to look forward to even after summer is over.

Be motivating

If your kid is moping around about having to go back to school, be encouraging and tell them all they have to look forward to.

Be patient during homework time

If you don’t remember basic math, don’t give up trying to help your kid. They don’t want to be at the homework table any more than you do. They need to learn a good work ethic though!

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