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25 Dogs Literally More Excited about Fall Than You

They're barking into the season with giddy anticipation. These 25 dogs are more spirited than you could ever imagine being! Autumn lovers only!

Some dogs jump straight into a pile of leaves, some wriggle around ecstatically in the grass, and some become challenge themselves to catch the falling leaves in their mouths. All dogs love autumn and having fun in the leaves.

Autumn dogs who love the season

Having a bad day? Check out these fun little guys having the time of their lives this autumn! These 25 dogs are more spirited than you could ever imagine being! Autumn lovers only! Here’s what the farmers have been working so hard to harvest!

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Leaf lover

Spends his whole day running through piles of leaves!

Finds the light

This Australian Shepard knows his angles and where to find his best lighting!

Begs for more

Cuddle buddies

It’s cold, but luckily these friends have each other to keep warm!

Secretly thinks she’s Batman

My cape is convincing, no?

The friend who complains

There’s always one who has to complain about the weather!

Amber eyes

Hides in the leaves and waits to be found!

Thankful to be cute

They’ll be saying their blessings on Thanksgiving for their adorable rolls!


Wants to be scary

This big guy thinks he’s got the scariest costume of them all!

Festive Boston Terriers

Do our costumes make us look fat?

Sneaky witch

What kind of spells are you going to cast?

Food coma

When you eat too much at Thanksgiving.

Don’t want to catch a cold

101 leaves

This Dalmatian is going to get lost playing with the autumn leaves!

Date in the park

Husband: There’s a brisk breeze, no? Wife: Come closer, I’m chilly!

Susceptible to the wind

She’s got to be ready or the wind is going to blow her away.


Please don’t put me in the other bags of leaves!

Long day

These pups have had a long day playing in the park!

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Gone with the Wind

Looks like this pup is singing an autumn song!

Turkey thief

You better keep your eyes on the prize this Thanksgiving!

Autumn Toto

Dorothy just got a new and improved Toto!

German Shepard

He’s happy about the pumpkin patches finally opening!

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Be thankful

For how adorable I am!

Blissfully content

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