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25 Pre-Autumn Scents That Bring You Tingly Excitement

As the fall breeze drifts closer and closer, we’re already thinking about candles and festive scents. Check out these 25 candle fragrances that’ll be wafting in your house next month!

Autumn anticipation

These scents will have you ready for summer to end.

Fall candles for August

As the fall breeze drifts closer and closer, we’re already thinking about candles and festive scents. Check out these 25 candle fragrances that’ll be wafting in your house next month!

Spiced baked apple

Bundle up with this dainty smelling candle, you’re going to want the weather to change!

Pumpkin pie

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to enjoy this smell!

Cinnamon pastry

Doesn’t cinnamon just put you in the mood to cuddle and never leave the house?

Campfire smores

Get ready to tell campfire stories from the comfort of your couch!

Cranberry spice sangria

This candle scent is fun and entices the party planners!

Vanilla cappuccino

Hot coffee is almost unbearable in the summer, but as fall nears, a vanilla cappuccino candle puts you in a tranquil mood.

Autumn wind

The spooky chilliness of the fall season has never been as rewarding.

Candy apple

Harvest festivals and Halloween night…in a candle!

Caramelized pear

Fruit and caramel are everywhere in the autumn months. This is a candle for the impatient folk.

Iced orange doughnut

The smell of orange zest shavings on a sticky doughnut is going to change your life.

Cinnamon roll

The sweet tinge of icing and baked cinnamon hits your nostrils in perfect harmony. It also makes you hungry!

Red velvet cupcake

These are great for kid parties in the fall, but they also happen to make delightful candles.

Maple pancakes

Something is cooking in the kitchen…it’s actually just the cozy waft of a Maple Pancake candle!

Wild sunflowers

As the sunflower harvests reach their peak in September, we want the sensation of standing right in the middle of the field.


That slightly-burnt odor you smell around campfires or in the forest is surprisingly pleasing…

Mountain air

A chill passes through the window. You inhale and smell a clean, pure breath of fresh air. The candle is called Mountain Air.

Grandma’s shortbread cookies

Freshly baked and still warm in the center, Grandma’s shortbread cookies will be a candle for the days when Grandma isn’t there to make them for real.

Candy corn

For our nostalgic days, candy corn candles remind us of trick-or-treating and costumes we wore years ago.

Chai tea

One sniff and you’ll feel like you’re in the best place in the whole world.


This fall, you’ll be frolicking through corn mazes. Until then, bring the earthy smell into your home with a Cornhusk scented candle!

Apple cider

Those orange undertones will creep up on you once you’ve walked out the room. Apple cider is an aromatic experience worth telling your friends about.

Pumpkin latte

Starbucks lovers can’t get enough. This fall, pumpkin latte is the candle to light on a rainy day.

Candied nuts

Pecans or almonds! When they’ve been crystallized with sugar, the scent is heavenly.

Pumpkin cheesecake

The love affair between these two is making us go crazy. This candle is perfect for bathrooms and reading nooks in your home.

Fig & cinnamon tart

The sweet, succulent taste of fig is complimented by cinnamon. The candle will have you aching for cold weather. 

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