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Things You Should Stop Feeling Ashamed Of

There are certain things in life that you can’t help feeling ashamed of. But it’s time we stopped feeling this way about things that are perfectly normal!

We all sometimes feel ashamed of our more unusual or different traits. But here's to being proud of them!

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Needing some ‘me’ time

Sometimes, all you want to do is curl up in bed and watch a movie, go for a walk or read your book. Having some time in the day by yourself is healthy for your mind and will help you to destress and relax.

Going to places alone

We often feel awkward or embarrassed if we go to the movies or eat in a restaurant alone. But it doesn’t mean that you have no friends! There’s no shame in taking yourself out for coffee now and again.

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Not being a party animal

Some of us just aren’t about that party lifestyle- and that’s ok! In fact, if people were less ashamed about it, there are probably a lot of people who’d admit that they’d rather stay at home than go clubbing!

Saying no

Saying no to someone can often feel like an insult. But rather than feeling guilty about it, it shows you to be self-assured and confident. You can’t say yes to everything!

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Your body

In the age of social media and celebrity culture, we’re constantly being fed the idea of a ‘perfect’ body. You’ve heard it before, but embrace your own and be proud of it!

Eating unhealthily now and again

Sometimes we need reminding that the odd indulgence won’t break the diet. Eat the cake and order the burger- life’s too short for salads 24/7!

Not being academic

We’re often made to think that we won’t get anywhere in life without a degree. But you shouldn’t feel ashamed if you flunked college, or skipped it all together. You can still go just as far, if not further by pursuing a different kind of path.

Not knowing your future plan

Some people have their whole future planned, making those who don’t, feel like they should. But having no idea what will happen next in your life doesn’t mean you won’t be successful. In fact, it’s way more exciting!


Failure is often treated like a taboo. But rather than be ashamed, you should be proud! After all, overcoming it shows your strength and perseverance!

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Asking for help

Be it at work or trying to figure out the parking meter, asking for help can often feel like a sign of weakness. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! We all have to learn somehow.

Not having social media

What do you mean, you don’t have Facebook?!’ These days, not having a version of yourself online can make you feel like you’re missing out. But remember that your connections in real life are worth way more than those in a virtual life!

Being single

When you’re not in a relationship, you can often feel like there’s something wrong with you. But it’s nothing to be ashamed of. After all, it’s more fun!

Not wanting a traditional family

Not everyone dreams of being married with kids in a suburban house. Traditional family roles are becoming less and less ‘normal’ anyway, so don’t feel ashamed you don’t have the same desire for children or a structured life than those around you.


It’s ok to have a good cry. Whether it’s because of something specific or you’re just having a bad day, you shouldn’t feel bad for letting it all out!

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Your past

We’ve all got parts of our past that we’d rather not share. Whether it’s that awful haircut you had in high school or a bad relationship, those things have made you who you are today, so don’t be ashamed of them!

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