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Annoying Coworker Quiz: You Could Be Annoying Your Coworkers If...

We all have that one really annoying coworker that we have a hard time seeing every day and not to mention being polite to. From talking too loudly to gossiping about everyone and anything, the point is annoying coworkers come in all shapes and sizes. Do you have an annoying coworker? Here’s a fun game for you, picture your annoying coworker and see how many of the following describe them!

Everyone has that one coworker that just gets under their skin and drives them crazy! Check out here the biggest traits of a seriously irritating coworker. Irritating coworkers are the worst and can really have a negative effect on your working day! Terrible jokes, talking or chewing too loudly and awful impressions all constitute to annoying coworker behavior!

5 Simple tips to dealing with annoying coworkers

  1. Be diplomatic - Be kind with your words and don't be too aggressive.
  2. Stay calm - Don't fight fire with fire, no matter how tempting it can be.
  3. Cool off - Give yourself a period of time to cool down and relax before jumping into confrontation.
  4. Set boundaries - Let other people know what's okay and what isn't!
  5. Communication - Talk your differences out and be honest.

You talk constantly

If you are the resident office chatty Cathy, then here’s a heads-up for you, not all of your coworkers want to know about the series you are watching on Netflix, or even about who your ex is now dating.

You are way too nosey

Ahh! You’ve got to love those peeping Tom colleagues. Those colleagues that constantly spy over your shoulder and stare at your screen every time they get up to get a coffee, yes we’re talking about you!

You type too loudly

Let’s not forget those colleagues that type furiously and make everyone’s Monday morning just that more bit more unbearable.

You gossip constantly

If we wanted to know what Jane from HR did this weekend, we’d ask her personally what went down.

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You have temperature issues

If you are totally out of synch with the rest of your colleagues when it comes to temperatures and hate the AC being on when it’s over 100 degrees outside, then you can definitely be classed as an annoying colleague.

You take the last donut

We’re not too sure how fair this one is, but here goes, if you take the last donut you can officially be classed as an annoying colleague. Ah food envy!

You stare a little too much

Awkwardly staring at your fellow coworkers for over 10 seconds is enough to give you the annoying colleague status.

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You chew too loudly

Chewing on your gum too loudly is enough to drive people crazy and class you as an annoying colleague! Seriously, no one wants to hear that!

You're always late to meetings

If you are always running late and cause meetings to start way later than scheduled, your coworkers definitely consider you annoying.

You’re flaky

Running late to meetings is one thing, but being flaky is even worse and way more irritating.

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You send too many emails

Emails are great, but that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard and send one at every occasion.

You start pointless threads

If you often start totally pointless threads full of obnoxious memes, then you are without a doubt an irritating colleague.

Everyone knows when you come and go

We all have that one colleague who is unnecessarily loud and lets everyone else know about their every move.

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You are super sarcastic

We all have that one sarcastic coworker who thinks their witty and humorous comments are hilarious, when in reality they really aren’t.

Your jokes are terrible

If you think you are the resident office jokester, then the chances are your clowning around probably just really irritates people!

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