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Mercury Planet, What Are The Influences Of Mercury?

Mercury planet has an immense influence on astrology and did you know that Mercury’s position in birth charts speaks volumes about a person? Want to find out more about Mercury and the impressive influences this special planet has? Discover just why Mercury is important thanks to our team of astrology experts who have revealed everything they know about Mercury planet.

Mercury astronomy: What is the first planet in our solar system?

The first planet of our solar system is in fact Mercury. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun and is located at about 58 million km from the Sun. Mercury’s proximity with the Sun means the planet cannot be seen easily during twilight. For every two orbits of the Sun, Mercury rotates on its axes three times and orbits the Sun in 88 days. With a diameter of 4900 km, Mercury is the smallest planet of our solar system because Pluto is in fact considered as a dwarf planet. Mercury’s mass and gravity are weak compared to the other planets of the solar system and the planet has virtually no atmosphere.

Mercury planet mythology: The messenger of the Gods

In Egypt it was believed that Mercury was two different planets, with one planet appearing in the morning and the other in the evening. In ancient Egypt these two planets were known as Set and Horus.

According to the ancient Greek legend Hermès, Mercury is the son of Jupiter and the nymph Maïa; the daughter of Atlas. Represented as a young svelte man with wings as feet, Mercury was said to hold onto the caduceus that Napoleon had gifted him. Mercury was known for being very fast and agile; he was after all known as the messenger of the Gods. Mercury symbolizes strong communication, fluid exchanges, the expression of ideas, intelligence and travel.

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Mercury planet in astrology:  Intellect

Mercury is said to be a fast planet and represents spirit, intelligence and intuition in a birth chart. Mercury embodies reflection, expression and intellect. Mercury reveals lots of information about us including the way we speak, write and move. Mercury planet also epitomizes money, finances and business transactions.

Planet Mercury’s influences on astrology

In astrology a planet can have both positive and negative influences depending on its position, movement and whether it’s retrograde or not. When Mercury exerts positive influences, although when Mercury retrograde comes into force negativity invades Mercury.

  • Mercury planet positive influence: Mercury symbolizes being sociable, happy, intelligent, joyful and expressive.
  • Mercury planet negative influence: Superficiality, unwillingness, sensitive behavior, instability and anger issues.
  • Mercury symbolically: Mercury represents intellectual curiosity, studies, analytical behavior and logic.

Mercury planet: 6 facts that are essential

  • Mercury revolution Sun: (The time Mercury takes to tour the Sun and return to its starting point) 88 Days.
  • The Sun’s element: Air
  • Body part associated with the Sun: Head, arms and hands.
  • Characteristics associated with the Sun: Expression and exchanges.
  • Metal associated to the Sun: Mercury
  • Day associated to the Sun: Wednesday

Now you know all there is to know about Mercury planet, why not check out our amazing facts on the other planets?

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