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Love Quiz: Is My Relationship Healthy Or Toxic?

Do you sometimes wonder is my relationship normal? Is it healthy? Is my relationship actually making me happy? Does being with my partner make me a better person? These are all important questions that need to be answered ASAP! To find out everything you need to know about your relationship and to confirm your feelings, why not take our quiz for the total lowdown? Trust us, you'll feel so much more reassured afterwards!

Every relationship has ups and downs but if you're wondering how much your relationship is having a positive impact on your life, maybe you should take our quiz to find out...

Is my relationship healthy?

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Note down your answers (a, b or c) answers throughout the quiz and then count up your score at the end... Good luck!

Does your partner ever do things out of the blue just to make you happy?

a)    My partner can sometimes be a bit insensitive to my feelings, I don’t think they mean to but sometimes they just forget, it does feel like I can be the one to put more effort into the relationship and I often have to remind them about plans we’ve made to make sure they turn up -  they bail on me quite often.

b)    Yes. My partner likes to see me smile and will go out of their way to do something for me just because they know I like it. It’s the little things in life that count. 

c)    Of course, and I do the same for them. The mutual respect in our relationship means it doesn’t have to be big showy things but just through taking the time to please your partner the relationship stays content.

How is your sex life with your partner?

a)    Over time our sex life has had varying levels of intimacy, we’ve had fantastic sex as well as periods where we hardly have sex at all. I feel relaxed around my partner and confident about initiating sex if I am in the mood.

b)    Our sex life isn’t the great at the moment. I sometimes feel shy about initiating sex because my partner can be quite dismissive. On the other hand though, when it's me who is not in the mood (usually because I’m feeling upset with them about something) they can be unkind and lack understanding about how I'm feeling.

c)    My partner and I are very communicative in the bedroom, being intimate with my partner is really fun! We both feel good around each other and can relax, enjoy ourselves and experiment with new things. I look forward to being intimate with my partner, we're very sexually compatible.

Does your partner make you feel good about yourself?

a)    My partner doesn’t often compliment me and if they do it’s only about my looks and often how I look ‘cute’… I sometimes feel shy about expressing my opinion around them because I think they may laugh and if we’re with friends they often put me down and shut me out which can be quite embarrassing. Sometimes my partner does things that I think are mean but I’m not sure if I’m just overreacting.

b)    Yes, they’re very complimentary of me, I feel like they have my back and it’s not just about looks, they value my intelligence and sense of humour too. Even if they’re not incredibly expressive with words, the way they act around me tells me they respect me and so I feel confident and good about myself. My partner is always kind to me.

c)    My partner and I have been through a lot and although at times they can be very inexpressive about what they’re feeling I know there is a deep mutual respect and they’re not purposefully making me feel bad, they just may be preoccupied.

Does your partner get along well with your family?

a)    My family and my partner get along really well. Even if there is a lack of things in common between my partner and some members of my family there is a great mutual respect there as my family can see how happy my partner makes me and that is the most important thing. My partner makes the effort to get to know my family and invites me to meet theirs, we’re very involved in each other’s lives.

b)    My partner hasn’t introduced me to their family yet due to varying complicated reasons, I hope they will soon. I think my partner is worried their family will dissaprove of me. As for my family, they have some reservations about my partner, they think they’re a nice enough person but are worried they're not making me as happy as they could… Sometimes I feel my partner could make more effort to integrate and to chat to members of my family.

c)    I know that my partner struggles to get along with certain members of my family but they are respectful and still make the effort to come to family events and to support me when I need it.

Can you list reasons why you’re with your partner?

a)    Yes, immediately several reasons come to mind, and I’m smiling now because I’m thinking about them… My partner is kind and loving and we just get on really well!

b)    There are things that bug me but deep down I know my partner brings me more joy than sadness into my life and even if we’re in a tough time right now I know there are many things I love about them and would miss is they were gone.

c)    I struggle to think of the specific things I adore about my partner, they can be very hard work and sometimes and I wonder if this relationship is worth it as I’m not always sure how it’s benefitting me… My partner can make me feel very low at times.

Now count up your answers and read on to find out if your relationship is healthy or not...

Mostly a)

Your relationship is healthy! You and your partner have a very positive relationship that is clearly having a great influence on your life. You may be in the early stages of your relationship, in which case – enjoy it! And if not that’s even better because you’ve been able to keep the passion going. You both make a mutual effort with each other and enjoy making the other person happy. It sounds like a very healthy relationship where you use each other to grow and make the most of your potential… Your partner is your best friend and always there to catch you.

Mostly b)

Your relationship is healthy! You and your partner may have been together for a significant amount of time now so the passion has faded but what remains is a deep amount of care and respect. You feel secure and safe with your partner and feel like they are there for you when you need them. This sounds like a healthy relationship but why not try some ways to spice things up again – bring something new to the bedroom or go on a fancy date night… Anything that may bring a new dimension to your relationship and a return of the romance.

Mostly c)

Your relationship is unhealthy and there are some serious warning signs. Your partner isn’t putting as much effort into your relationship and that is getting you down. Try talking to your partner and explain how you’re feeling, communication is key! Bare in mind if you are having a conversation with them, telling them that you’re unhappy and feeling discontent and they are not willing to engage in the conversation there should be serious warning bells of potentially an emotionally abusive relationship. You deserve someone who respects you and makes you feel good – you deserve someone who is really nice to you. 

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