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6 Things You Know If You’ve Grown Up With A Sister

Everyday is a good day to tell your sister just how much you love and appreciate her . Even if you don’t have a genetic sister, why not have a girl’s night with your closest friends and soul-sisters. Sisters are there for you through thick and thin, whether you’re close in age or years apart, there is an undeniable bond between sisters.

6 Things you know if you’ve grown up with a sister...

1. You will share clothes

Whether you like it or not you’ll undoubtedly find yourself sneaking into your sister’s room to borrow something when she isn’t home or you’ll stumble upon pictures of her on Facebook at a party, dancing away in your favourite dress!

2. Television choices can cause deep rifts.

Throughout the course of your childhood you and your sister no doubt came head to head about what to watch on the TV. Sometimes there will be programmes you’ll mutually agree on and discuss enthusiastically whereas other times her poor choice of television will astound you to the point where you think she must be adopted.

3. To respect the silence that comes with cold winter morning car rides to school

One of you has to get out and scrape the ice off the windscreen before you leave home and nothing will be said during these early morning rides except the odd question of ‘can you turn the heating up?’ you both enjoy the quiet as you prepare for the day ahead.  

4. Food likes/dislikes

My sister loves mushrooms and hates couscous… Her favourite meal is a bowl of baked beans, sweetcorn and tuna and she has a cup of tea after every single meal. These are just the sort of things you learn when you sit opposite someone at the dinner table for 20 years.

5. Social media posts

Anyone with a sister in a similar age group to them will know that it is very common to check over each other’s posts on social media before they are sent. Whether you’re with them at the time or they send it to you in a message to proof read, you’re required to check spelling, punctuation and choice of filter.

6. You can rely on extremely honest fashion advice

 “Does this top go with these trousers?” “No.” or “Does this outfit make me look fat?” “Yes.” This kind of harsh judgement is only acceptable when it’s from your brutally honest sister. If it was a friend you’d be offended but from your sister it’s exactly what you’re looking for - an honest answer that gets to the point and doesn’t waste anyone’s time.

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"Because I have a sister, I will always have a friend."

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