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My Experience With Reiki

In Japanese, Rei means source and Ki means energy. Discovered in the 19th century by a Japanese doctor, Reiki teaches us to listen to our bodies and to calm ourselves down. Effective and healing, I decided to try out Reiki...

What is Reiki?

Reiki was created in the 19th century by Mikao Usui, a Professor of Medicine who comes from Kyoto. Usui teaches us that Reiki allows energy to circulate our bodies and that through placing the hands over specific areas we can use this energy to heal. Reiki doesn’t substitute traditional medicines but allows you to heal areas of stress and weakness in a natural way. Reiki is compatible with techniques such as plant reflexology as it accentuates it's effects. In order to perform Reiki you need to be at peace in your mind and patient that learning the art may take time.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

The Reiki healer will close their eyes and start the treatment by placing their hands over each zone of your body for approximately 3 minutes. The person receiving the Reiki also closes their eyes and needs to try and fully relax. A slight warmth and tingling are the feelings that one may experience during a Reiki treatment. This feeling allows the Reiki healer to listen to your body and to place their hands in the appropriate place on the patient’s body.  

Anyone can receive Reiki and at any age. The gentle practice can even be done without contact between the healers hands and the patient’s body if you are sensitive to that. This practice can be used in an emergency, for example a painful injury or an anxiety attack can be greatly helped by Reiki. Reiki is performed fully clothed. A full, sat down treatment can be completed in 20 minutes or you can ask the Reiki master to focus on one specific section of your body.

How else can Reiki be used?

There are other, less well-know, but just as effective uses of Reiki treatment.

You can use Reiki on animals as well as humans! Your cat or dog can benefit from a moment of relaxation. After your first attempt of treatment, if your pet runs away with no interest in what you have done it show they do not need the treatment. If, on the other hand the pet comes back and is showing interest and wanting to stay around it is because their instinct is telling them to return and re-do the experience.

The same is for plants! Imagine if your geraniums are struggling from dehydration, as you water it take the time to place your hands around the pot and transmit your energy through to it and you’ll find your plant completely revitalized.

When you’re cooking your favourite dish, place your hands around the bowls at the various stages and take a moment of pause to transmit your positive energy through to what is on the plate.

A work, if you’re writing a personal email or filling in tax return forms, nothing is stopping you from using Reiki and transmitting your energy into the work you’re doing… (However don’t rely on this guaranteeing a generous tax return!)

For personal matters such as a love letter it is definitely guaranteed to be helpful as you transmit your positive energy to guide and protect you.

My experience with Reiki

I’d tested Reiki once or twice with a consultant and I really wanted to understand it more so that I could benefit from it and use it to help those close to me! Before long, I’d managed to convince my partner, who was a real sceptic, to follow me on the adventure!  We went on a 2 day course deep in the countryside which was run by Francoise Goubert, a master of Reiki. We were able to completely relax and received four initiation rituals (through the hands) followed by meditation sessions.

It was the first time we had ever tried Reiki and achieving the feeling of ‘letting go’ is difficult but not impossible! Learning the art of Reiki is immensely gratifying. We’ve since continued our practice and learnt together how to use Reiki to help someone who is suffering from anxiety.

The key word to remember when learning Reiki is patience, the concept of Reiki does not work if you are not relaxed and therefore it is suggested that you wait at least 3 months between the different stages and use the time to practice and become confident in what you have learnt.

I'm really glad I took the time to go on my Reiki course and understand the art, I feel it has further enriched my life and I am excited as to what the future will bring.

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