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The benefits of kissing

Whether you prefer to pucker up, neck on, make out, French kiss, canoodle, snog, smooch, peck or play tonsil hockey… whatever you call it – it’s time to do it!

Having recently celebrated National Kissing Day, and as the average person will spend 2 weeks of their life kissing, we have decided to list the benefits of locking lips!

Kissing isn’t an innate instinct of ours but it’s something that is the result of our learning and development. Kissing our partner is a human custom that came from the ancient Egyptians – from the same period when mothers used to chew the food for their children before passing it to them mouth to mouth.

Who are you most likely to kiss this summer?

Why you should kiss as much as possible…

  • Develop your immune system – During a kiss you share germs with your partner, this allows you to create antibodies which therefore strengthens your body’s immune system.
  • Eliminate tooth related problems –When you kiss you produce a large amount of saliva which helps to eliminate dental plaque which is the reason for cavities.
  • Pain relief -Kissing dilates blood vessels, fights high blood pressure and releases endorphins. This is the perfect combination for fighting against pain, especially headaches.
  • Stress-reducing – There is nothing better to help you de-stress than a long kiss with someone you love. Kissing releases endorphins and serotonin, both of which help with relaxation but the most important thing it does is to lower your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • Burning calories Each minute spent kissing burns at least 3 calories depending on the intensity of the kiss. The record for the longest ever kiss was set by a Thai couple who were locking lips for a huge 58 hours and 35 minutes! Do you have what it takes to beat this record?
  • It’s a face muscle work out146 muscles work towards the action of kissing, 34 of which are in your face, 12 in your lips and 10 in your tongue. Perfect for toning your face – get to work!
  • Loving yourself –Regular kissing allows you to find confidence in yourself which can then have a positive influence on all aspects of your life.

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